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Julie Donaldson talks with Virginia football coach Mike London-9/7



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Wed, 7 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Talk to college football it was a successful opening weekend for the ACC with eighteen is picking up victories in their season opener. And that includes the Virginia Cavaliers who wallop William and Mary forty to three. The things -- get a bit tougher this weekend when the wahoos hit the road for a date with Indiana here's Joseph Louis head coach Mike London. I -- thanks for joining us personal congratulations on the victory over William and marry a dominant win. Over one of the top teams and that's yes. Appreciated it's always it's great to have to your first game home game phone book. You know and student body comes out to support you you have to be unsuccessful in that so was game one is over now no word word word preparations for a second -- So game one is other way and moving forward you all hit the road for a day with Indiana what is the biggest challenge. And facing the hoosiers this weekend. Did notice a big physical. But tough team their offenses that don't tip that no -- temple. You don't check would -- look to sideline type of type of offense. Their defense is is a multiple front defense. You know they played really really physical so you know we're gonna have to you know improve from what we did last week. Finally before we let you go -- you just can't resist showing this one more time. Your kid they don't do that to capitalize on yeah now we have to have a video you. Have you years -- you. It's not a conspiracy it's just too much fun Michael Jackson. And there have to be some sort of a reaction to this. Well it everyday bad guy. And that the players have gotten on me about my Michael Jackson rumored at times deal in. You know it was one of those hidden videos about the sacred anymore not even in your own house and so but that's right Gil -- -- what they say about payback I get. I get baby pictures and things like that that did you guys see your recent. She -- in Washington dot com.

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