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Alex Ovechkin about his new equipment sponsor and rumors of pudginess-9/6



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Tue, 6 Sep 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Hockey season is right around the corner players are getting it geared up literally Alex about two announcing a new equipment sponsor today. The capitals captain has Bauer after ditching CC on this offseason -- just last week so that's good He signed the long term endorsement deal with Nike. A power and Ovechkin made the announcement and of their new long term partnership today -- Keller -- part of the deal Bauer will donate 108 sets of hockey equipment to a local youth hockey club. And a 108 sets of hockey equipment to a Redskins youth hockey club in Russia and in addition the capitals are donating 25000. Dollars to a local youth hockey club. -- soaring since you come up with OB after the big announcement. Congratulations. Huge announcement honestly what do you think. Nice picture back there right. Yeah that's nice -- serious who began again this week. Yeah it's it's it's not happy to -- To do -- and I know. It's -- -- -- the equipment and the kickoff -- All right so there was like all this talk in the offseason and I and I heard it about how you had Blake. A -- whenever you're being interviewed you have like a son -- -- was making fun of you know on the way the picture was shot. So that's always talking about because you've been rush on him and I'll talk to yourself. -- -- well and stuff like where in -- doesn't look like you have a guy can you know you -- right. That I have something I don't know -- Moment in the that this is like this it was just. Some mistaken you go or something like that Baghdad demonstrated -- the -- like obviously mile and an alien. You know went. So this off season I mean did you treated differently from the years past. Yeah I would come to a little bit harder than looking out -- we Michael Bush a little bit it's clear -- senators so it's sort of I feel very -- words -- so -- Korea. Do you think that this team as even a bigger chip on its shoulder I mean I know last year you guys had this certain thing you know stay angry. Is it even more so this year now. Well I think everybody mostly coriander and no crystal for ourselves because the roster who have -- of the team He TV. In Boston position. Both this happens and right now. I think nobody can only from the season starts and nobody can -- when training camps and so. Com excited than I'm happy to bit two backs and you see -- -- -- missed the last on -- -- on some of CSN Washington dot com.

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