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Fri, 2 Sep 2011|

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She -- in Washington dot com. There folks welcome and -- CSN Washington dot -- on Sebastian Salazar joined by our awesome college football producer Michelle Gordon here to talk a little college football and I usually when we join you in this time and space will be previewing. The next Saturday's games but as it is the start of the season. We wanted to take a look at the top five story lines of the 20112012. College football season here. In terms of the ACC I think we should start down in Blacksburg where you've got to replace the reigning ACC player of the year. In in Tyrod Taylor Logan Thomas is -- kid who has a lot of expectations a lot of height he's six foot six kind of typical big body. And that looks pretty good I -- in in in tech's most recent scrimmage I think 67 days ago He really lit it up. Yes this kid has had. Three years to watch Tyrod Taylor to learn from Tyrod Taylor to learn this Virginia Tech offense. So he's ready to go I really think he's going to be the Hokies X-Factor coming into the season I mean. A lot of people think all of Tyrod sign it they might slip up a little bit I don't think so I don't think they're really gonna miss a beat. Logan Thomas -- -- I mean I would even say yes it was great leadership qualities even. Even though this is just his first season starting. But I expect really big thing I mean he's like you said he's a big kid 66 to 54. But I think he's gonna be great and I definitely somebody keep an eye on the season. Elsewhere in the ACC yet you know anytime we talk football it's all about the quarterbacks and you are down into North Carolina State obviously a player like Russell Wilson -- electric player. But he's gone now moving on. But to Wisconsin he'll be replaced by Mike Glenn and you not -- the high schools and we know all about the great high school football tradition in Northern Virginia He went to Westfield high school. What does He bring to the table and can He replaced Russell Wilson. In another situation where you've got -- it was a pretty good playmaker. Absolutely think so Michael -- was beaten number three quarterback in the nation coming out of high school I mean. Not too shabby by. And he's been waiting patiently I was always surprise every year I kept expecting this -- to transfer and He never did He He waited He waited first time and finally Tom O'Brien is giving him his chance. I know there's going to be a lot of pressure NC state fans are really. I think they're disappointed that Russell Wilson is gone in and they're gonna you look at it might let it I think he's going to make them proud I think he's gonna do a great job He. He is the younger brother of former Virginia Tech quarterback -- -- in who dealt with his own adversity with Tyrod Taylor when He was in Blacksburg so. My kids definitely handled it the adversity in Raleigh well. And and spent plenty of time with his with his brother shine but down. I I think Mike's gonna just it's gonna come in it and you really big things and rally in and make those statements happy. Well in our backyard in of the big stories -- Edsel taking over the act College Park in in the Maryland Terrapins football program obviously. It was a weird situation -- I think is the best way to describe it. The players really love Ralph -- and I think that was clear you know when He was forced to step down. But it seems like things are going pretty well with the coach chancellor -- that the players are kind of responding to what is a very different leadership style -- what what -- Yet He they absolutely are in the and you can it is. No question a different style and -- everything about this the coaching staff is different from the past regime. You know there's all the talk about no names on the back of the jerseys and and and the dread having to be you know clean in and you know. Kept up and all this other stuff. Not to mention penalties that -- to practice or late to a meeting. But they really they have responded and and look they've got. The bottom line is that there's a lot of pressure on Randy Edsel to win I mean if people like you said people aren't happy that the way -- looked like go. And they won nine games last year so they're not a bad team they've got Danny O'Brien coming back at quarterback the reigning ACC rookie of the year. Still people are definitely putting the pressure on Edsel to win. And I mean we'll see how He does He has I think He has all the tools we'll just we'll see how it works out. While one team that is dealing with a lot of kind of drama and controversy which has been the sad. Theme of the off season in the ACC's North Carolina there waiting for NCAA sanctions to be announced. I knocked over actually a programming note they'll be on our Saturday at 330 against James Madison program which they say OK one double play. Laugh you know -- yes but they're good yet that -- eTech last year yet there is good as you get at that level. How would -- can we expect from North Carolina. You know. I'm really interested to see because these. The NCAA. Violations that the drama it all started last year and these guys played through it they still played really well they still won a lot of games so. I wondered I'm curious to see how they respond this year but we. This year they don't have Butch Davis He was fired. What the end of July just a couple days after I got back from talking to -- the ACC kick off down in Pinehurst. So they've got a new interim head coach. It we'll see how they rally I mean that the thing is is that these sanctions are supposed to be announced in October and until then. It's just they're playing the waiting game and it's all this drama and the wondering of what's gonna happen how bad is it gonna be. I don't know I've no idea how that it's gonna be because the NCAA as we've seen it time and time again there is no consistency with there. With their punishment with -- you know with whatever they decide to do so. We just have to wait and see I mean I feel bad for these kids because not all of them. You know -- most of them play by the rules and do things the right way and yet they're all gonna get punished for whatever that the handful of that you know kids it did did the bad stuff. Are gonna you know. What they did so yeah I think you know that's a similar situation and our top storyline here and it has to be Miami mean everybody this isn't just an ACC DL this is kind of a national story. When you look at what's happened with this out program today comes out eleven players. Including two or to Corey Harris will miss at least one game so that Maryland Miami game not takes on a totally different tenor. Great what is the state of Miami football moving forward and where is their spot in the ACC. That's a really good question I. I mean they. It's it's unbelievable it was it was shocking it was stunning when that article came out and I read everything that happened. And these suspensions that came out yesterday and -- and more to it you know more information came out today. This is just the tip of the iceberg I mean it's they did this now because they had to with the season starting out for them on Monday against Maryland. But this is only just beginning I mean this investigation is nowhere near done. But I I don't know how they're gonna I don't know how to get -- -- I really don't I mean I you know we thought Carolina was -- -- last year went went out there drama came out and they still went out one games. So we'll see how Miami handles this but. It's just in all I had. I covered the ACC for at least ten years now and and it is unbelievable I can't believe the offseason that that they had to deal within the embarrassment that is. You know that this conference -- had to deal it so this is not be the Atlantic Coast Conference this is not how things are done. An interesting off season and -- hopefully -- much more interesting on the field season. In the ACC for Michelle Gordon on Sebastien south thanks for checking us out here on CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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