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Lunchbox Live: Rocky and Patrick Stevens from The Times preview the local college football teams-9/2



CSN Washington dot com. Thank you welcome to casual Friday is once -- labs and do you by The Washington Times. They have Patrick Stevens. Sportswriter for The Washington Times thanks for coming along today thanks for at hi how's it going -- yourself alright well I'm doing well we're gonna jump into -- first win for -- in the college sports and -- the -- last night. Everyone out there we still know what the hell's going on with the with the backing group situation but I'm gonna leave it at that Grossman looked he's set to decide to play at all. And back He just had you know Grossman like game so I was still -- gonna happen of this week Africa the weekend I'll see you on Labor Day so Richardson and and see what's happen. Roll right -- use college football. -- and -- who actually have an affinity for they've been declined his for an invitation by the SEC -- -- that they'd notify the B twelve or if they're not coming back after next year. What the hell's going on I mean they don't have a place to go to wire to -- to tell people that they're not coming back. We'll just understand the SEC's issue a couple of weeks that wasn't necessarily in decline. He was kind of wait for Texas and jump through some legal hoops that they just did this past week utterances and -- were gonna look elsewhere -- Don't be surprised if the SEC one's playing Texas and now they -- -- for themselves. The opposite way wasn't going to be a little bit backlash because now the rumors have come out someone from Texas universities today. Couple years ago we invited -- to be a part of the ESPN TV deal which is worth to them 300 million they give them half hour fifty. Like if it -- play at that point it just kind of read some of the stuff from Texas athletic director the lost the odds that this that was very early in the planning stage I don't think anybody four years ago. When aghast it and regional network like that. Little disappointed in my school like that that that means someone that have -- it. At that that that would that would be that would be definitely the case I don't think there was anybody dreaming of a 300 million dollar television deal just for one. It was me with that I'll have to think twice yes at the next time it'll be -- go back to -- that they have them and it -- -- -- -- -- let's let's make that three million for the school. Let's -- locally Maryland. We have we heard about the uniforms situation all the different aspects of it on the game isn't sold out for Monday at for via Miami. And Maryland game we expect Monday coming out with a new players who we look to you know be standouts. Well certainly on the offensive side for -- you got Danny O'Brien last year's ACC rookie of the year and tailback -- make it. A guy that that really is look going to be looked at as a workhorse back I think this year wide receiver wise you're looking at some interest in you guys Quintin McCree. Really kind of topping that list of guys that. Maybe we didn't see a whole ton of last year but still certainly played significant -- defensively the biggest player there is going to be -- eight. The safety sort of turned linebacker really kind of more rover type position -- I think he's gonna have a really fine season and an up front. You talk about guys like -- belong on AJ Francis -- really guys that are played tackle are going to be able control -- script now for the quarterback situation they're not going to be somewhat with the Redskins with this rotational basis when are we strong -- we have you a person that one person say this and we're moving forward. I I believe that's the case with Danny O'Brien and a -- and threw 22 touchdowns against only eight interceptions last season so He is our veteran He is He is He is in fact the the number three quarterback in the conference in games started three behind only Miami's to Corey Harris who was suspended for that opener -- as well as -- -- ran for now are we looking. At an average season from Maryland this year or something where they're gonna break out and surprise everyone well it's a team that won nine games last year and they certainly bring back quite a bit. Then He kind of -- look at some of the things that are going against them this season. -- whether it's. Three scholarships reduced because of the NCAA any PR issue. Lost practice time because of NCAA violations. New coordinators on both sides of the ball. -- and then a tougher schedule deal with as well and it's the team that had a plus fifteen turnover margin that's really tough to sustained so. I wouldn't be shocked if DC Maryland kind of wind up in in the 7889. When ballpark again this year somewhere somewhere in that ballpark maybe 57759. Force okay. They'll go back a little bit to the uniforms situation Obama talked about a couple of people and you know it's it's actually what -- water cooler talk. Do you think that you way under armour -- situations going to help or hinder recruiting well I don't think it's -- into recruiting anyway and it's certainly some of the things Prius. Well you just have to sell some of the good ones and basically I think it. When you look at it it it's certainly. In some sort of distinction to me it makes it easier to like -- fight Merrill beyond the program. It means you think about. The last 77 years so the program it's gonna win six or seven games and we talked about it for production about you know this is what Nike does Oregon. It's basically not a relief Peterson would test bed for what went into the new products that are coming out. But there's no classic will relate to these new uniforms and and don't get me wrong -- actually like some of the color combinations. What don't we need some of that classic look to stay for our alumni for a U alumnus out there that this is what we have still in and all the other uniforms and kind of go around it I. Think that there's something to be said for that and I I think one of the things you have to remember is you're trying to speech -- struggled to find that classic look for Maryland and you think about. New coach Randy at least the fourth street Maryland coach to having -- helmet in this first season that well this is so -- that you think you can think that you know He got the red white type thing and certainly that is as classic as you're going again. All but at the same time. I don't -- there's certainly not anything like say a Michigan or Penn State and Alabama where you say where you see a uniform and you know you know at that school. Now on a little bit about Lee at a local school you BA Texas Tech arms are of Virginia Tech is there anything that you know. The other fans out there of these local schools or any other ones that that we should know about or Virginia Tech we'll start with them -- that's a team that really has. Kind of a sleeper shot at run in the table this season eleven nonconference schedule it's manageable the reason that game against Alabama Boise State or LSU or somebody like -- -- is not about they're clearly is gonna knock them out of the box early. On and then you look at the conference schedule. On the road their road teams are Virginia Wake Forest Duke and Georgia Tech team that went six and seven last year so there isn't necessarily that obvious games which is going to Miami. Or necessarily going floors or something like that it just looks daunting from the absolute stark. So the big question areas how well does Logan Thomas the redshirt sophomore quarterback with 26 career tense how will -- he'd just to being. The man now now Tyrod Taylor out of -- And I think he'll probably have a few bumps in the road as most people would expect but there's a real chance that that team is going to be. Eleven and one or twelve and oh come the end of the regular season Arctic and it was mr. Stevens that we can it will real hopes -- carry that -- -- well. What about you being real quick Virginia's really interest in two I think it's a team it's on the upswing Mike London's and a very good job in recruiting. On the question had its its quarterback and it'll happen a terribly experienced quarterback. Anywhere on the roster and start sophomore Michael Rocco who probably played a true freshman David Watford based on London's comments. And that's really going to be interest in coming up this week it open against William and Mary excellent team. In the former division one double play ranked in the top five that a team that beat Virginia two years ago in Charlottesville so I think it. In a lot of ways of Virginia can simply navigate that first game they're gonna have a shot at being able to maybe make a run in the bowl game but that's a really scary first game. It will you've heard it here watching Tom has given us mister Stephens. I appreciate you coming today at lunch box -- and you by The Washington Times. Pat I'm -- have you vexing -- so we can talk about what's happening as the season goes along serpent that are -- no problem on we'll see you Monday on Labor Day tune and people. I'm Rocky -- your post banks. CSN Washington dot com.



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