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CSN Washington dot com. One on one -- -- -- Carter he's presented by selected ought to win. Goes to start with that would talk over the top 25 in the polls you have a promotion riposte depicted on top 25. Tell me how good a mean guy it's it's a promotion. Through valve -- -- and the sporting news.com so if you go to sporting news.com slash fan poll. You'll be able to bowl for your top 25 week in and week out and I think that's a pretty cool thing because the fans get a chance to be heard. And as a matter of fact fan poll with sporting news.com slash fan poll there's a different number one team Oklahoma the number one team in the eight. As well as the coaches but in the sample here with sporting news.com Alabama the number one team so. Basically this is about the only saying to you hey we get -- -- with -- number one team in the country is going to be your who's gonna win the national championship but they can't guarantee that if you go to. Into gear the engine guarantee dot com the guarantee you car for 300000 miles if you. They're mortal and I think that's pretty cool -- was great about the season it's hard you're taking your talents from the NFL to college. From a broadcasting standpoint what's the challenge make it that adjustment was the biggest change what the college game and when you look at the two. Well I think the biggest change is just to really have a better understanding of the college football landscape -- cover the NFL for sixteen seasons. Consecutively. And now coming over to college is that a thirty plus teams we have. You know pac twelve big well. Big Ten and SEC. Just big east and there's so there's so many more teams are so many more stories. Teams -- you know -- realignment is taking place and you're dealing with that and you know promote just basic broadcasting perspective I think the toughest thing to do is. The deal with a double numbers you'll have a number for an -- to the number four on defense you kind of have to keep all that frustrated you're ahead with it'll be it'll be a fun process. An interest they did too I mean you've made I beat him ruling popular with college these kids cost him his -- in the NCAA tournament. -- -- football. Do you see that style carrying over that enthusiasm I hope. So that's what I'm gonna try to do and hopefully it'll happen naturally. And certainly won't be anything forceful and I'm excited person in the I love being a part of the college game within the basketball. Or football and I think that that having the chance to go around the country to some of these stadiums where we may see neither 100000 fans screaming. And in this school spirit in the great pageantry in the colors of college football is something that excites me enough I'm really looking forward to this endeavor. You know I much I was just fortunate over the course phases -- from the different stadiums for me is the Rose Bowl. Who mum on what stadium are you most looking forward to a college football have you won. While looking forward to -- -- organ I had a chance to watch them practice about a week and a half ago but they say during game days it's just. Insane. I've never watched the game that the Rose Bowl also look before our first game being in Norman Oklahoma. And as a kid being such Oklahoma sooner than it I'm from Detroit so. We got the lead since it was the greatest thing in the world for my Lions you know -- since Keith Jackson Marcus Dupree Thomas -- You know going down there in normal will be very fast with a time of Barry Switzer last week it. What cool man a smart man funnyman tough man so it's going to be fun to go to Oklahoma Watson number one team in the nation week one. Get to Tulsa squad that will -- be ready to give them as much as we can't. -- of course Lopez got to ask you this your how little on the the bison Gary Harrell got you covered the -- come back is coach how excited -- you for Howard a rebirth of that program. So you know I'm telling me. We get a chance his fans to the sporting news.com. Slash bad -- to bolt for our top twenty fives that you could actually hear it from bits. Whether we win or whether we lose I will be voting for my power buys it week in and week out for the entire season you know we're gonna turn it back to the old days. And I hope it hopefully it starts this year. Are good stuff that was reported catching up on the broadcast we'll get the word out about the promotion takes a lot man see I'm think that -- CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Barry Switzer3:22
  3. Rose Bowl2:46, 3:02
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  6. NCAA tournament2:06
  7. Oklahoma0:39, 3:05, 3:08
  8. college football1:22, 2:37, 2:50
  9. national championship0:55
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