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WPL: Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with Brian Westbrook- 8/24



  1. Donovan McNabb1:25, 1:48
  2. Vince Young0:55
  3. DeSean Jackson0:59
  4. Albany1:22
  5. Medicaid0:22
  6. Africa2:03, 2:34
  7. Eagles0:52
  8. pre season1:33
  9. football field0:36
  10. safety measures2:00
Wed, 24 Aug 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Which I didn't Carter He. Presented by selected followed. He's got quite the spread there it is tailgating season it's -- would you gobble will look good out there and making me hungry. Yeah I got a lot of food going on here I'm in a man Kerry -- my friends over here. If -- we enjoy myself and obviously any time in the Medicaid. Food is a major important. And I because we got -- sees a couple of your brother play for the skins would of been like for you. We know wrapping up whether He is definitely enjoyed clavicle Shanahan obviously would love to get on the football field a little bit more. And hopefully will come with the race coming up tomorrow so. I'm definitely offended -- his opportunities. Definitely I'm excited about his chances to play there and I think they'll have a pretty good season as well. And of course they. News minute til your former team the Eagles adding a point to players big name signings and their quarterback in Vince Young. We felt like for the guys who were only there though guys like DeSean Jackson -- -- bothers under Samuel when all those new big money -- guys coming you've got to blend into the program. But I think I think we kind of thing is every put everybody into thinking that were kind of trying to load up for our championship season. So you always there fighting now as a player you hoping that things go well. In that did that everybody cover you play every single game and we kind of live up to all the excitement and hype from Albany and new guys come. Another former eagle your body Donovan McNabb didn't work for him in Washington but now he's moved on to Minnesota looks -- the bill that offense run them. He's looked pretty good in the pre season how much does He have left in the tank to what your thoughts on on number five. -- -- there's no doubt in my mind -- Donovan has a lot left in the tank obviously was up against. Hard situation last year down in Washington let. That definitely think he's ready to play this year and we'll see the real Donovan McNabb this year Minnesota. They're big issue in the NFL and then this season increasing seizes the concussion issue I know you've dealt with that. Were your thoughts on maybe changing the kickoff rules other players' safety measures. To try to take care of that and also Africa has concussion were your thoughts on that issue. Rod definitely -- -- at least making the attempt to take strides and I think. The commissioner and all the players committee would definitely continue to empathize players taking because very important to -- Not only to meet with and then the guy that played in the past but also to the current players. And the guy who will play in the future and so I'm anytime that did that that you can protect the guys the players. That's the most important thing. What they were hoping to see you out there with a team. Real soon -- -- -- right now menu making you know -- all that can definitely Africa besides that you -- want to have an American American making me all right body covering the beer. She gets in Washington dot com.

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