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WPL One-on-One with U.S. Women's goalie Hope Solo-8/22



CSN Washington dot com. With Ivan Carter he's. He's presented by selective on who. You know things would -- this themselves on October night. The marathon Chicago and due to for a good cause let us know what's up. Bank of America isn't I don't hang our fair communities around the country south. I have the opportunity to be a part of their charity program -- let's run together. And I'm going to captain the team alongside my teammates at a lot of back and Alex smart and and where I'm looking for thirteen individuals to help us and every they're -- help us run a marathon her on going to be part of a relay team. And to be -- this is an exciting way to celebrate team like. And becoming half of that Germany in the rough cut so anybody can sign that you only have to get better and to my house not the entire marathon. He can sign up on FaceBook dot com slash Chicago marathon. And it just segment. An -- and how how you're gonna make a positive impact in your community. And if you're chosen to -- passed on our relay team. And Bank of America is going to donate 5000 dollars to charity and I had to eat China's -- which is -- me. And you got a lot since you got back from Germany oh I saw you and a helicopter Wesley thought the first pitch at Wrigley Field was the coolest thing. Helicopter ride around him quite scary it. That that is very interesting and having it done a lot of things He got pissed because gain the whole media -- where did set a kid's game. I my associates and it's been -- interest had gotten great athlete -- the last month that I'm doing okay and I'm excited for the opportunity to come I'm really excited to be part of that. A marathon and I never in my lifetime that -- Leonard and in a man on. And I think to my house hopefully I'll it will last a little bit monumental amounts and that -- average instantly -- David Letterman and George Lopez. And just being on the progress for us say it is and it's pretty amazing. In the World Cup change your life a little bit I would imagine did you quite understand how much people got into what you guys are doing until you got back. People -- pretty crazy mentioned it to cover sports Austrian hole which other things you got really popular fast. -- -- I think in Germany. Is that we're out of the country -- that -- -- remain focused on the game in the tournament without. Going meet touched down in the states who had such a heat up means. And that we've really started to take notice of how much of an impact a positive impact that we had on the nation -- nation but globally and you know we had sports -- speaking -- that's who had. Celebrities and people in Hollywood recaps that trend and -- the nations to behind us and not to say young girls anymore I was men and women night. Yeah I -- I've been here for me Twitter followers a lot here they want to ask -- stuff put. Some about the Olympics next to a summer in London how much you look at -- that get the gold medal is you guys go back. You know. I hope you don't participate in -- in his. An Olympics went out -- angle means to an apartment so of course that is our ultimate golf. And hopefully we can -- back to back championships -- -- cross training in January it's no easy task Elian none not even to punt I. It's easy anymore in south. And Michael is to make that Olympic team to win -- gone that I and then beyond that. -- and my one mark sat him winning route cut which -- and prayers and Canada. I'll be nice will be supporting you guys as you guys get ready for that. Who get the message out about the last one together October ninth best of luck and in DC come on -- show what to. Thank you for having me and a. CSN Washington dot com.



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  7. cross training3:14
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  10. Olympic team3:21
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