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Thu, 18 Aug 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Everybody Michelle Gordon with CSN Washington dot com joined by Jeff Bradley with the URELTV. In Raleigh talking about the NC state wolfpack. -- beat Russell Wilson era is over -- in Wisconsin did -- get it in Wisconsin and in comes Michael and in the box waited. Debut of -- and. That was an incredible tough situation for Tom O'Brien He wanted his quarterback to be their full time. Russell couldn't do that Russell still wanted to play at NC state and it didn't work out so I think I don't know if anybody in the league has more pressure on them this year than Mike -- He's replacing the third all time leading passer in ACC history he's never started a game before. Has all the tools listen. When He was a freshman there were six quarterbacks vying for that job and I watched them all six lined up and thrown by far He threw the best football. But Russell understood the offense more in their -- -- has all the physical talents. And I don't think his experience as Tom O'Brien is with quarterbacks He wouldn't put a guy in that situation if you didn't think He was ready I'm excited to see him play because he's a big time talent. With all the physical skills and does He know the game well enough now at game speed to execute. Do you think people are underestimating. Glendon. I think it's -- no you know I think anytime you get in the big time college football and you haven't proven that. There's got to be question marks and I think is a lead there only a few proven quarterbacks. So I think He fits in that category a lot of teams in the ACC have this year is unproven quarterbacks with a lot of talent. What are they going to be able to do so. -- don't underestimate I don't know if He is underestimated because when you see him in practice or whatever you see the physical skills there. It's just a matter can He do it. Seems to me. And it. He wolf -- and obviously finished well last year. High expectations again for this team do you think they can -- can meet those. I do I think offensive line is really good again I think gun defensively. They lost Nate Irving and so they moved -- -- -- that middle linebacker position who. Freak of a physical player. Not as fast as they. Irving but who is but I think defensively their defensive backfield they're playing on juniors and seniors now that when they played as sophomores and freshmen got burnt toast it. Now -- experience back there and I think it could help them immensely where their pass rush help their defensive backs when they were younger I think now. Their defensive backs can help their pass -- are locked in on guys a little bit longer. Jeff thank you very much appreciate your time. CSN Washington dot com.

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