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Tue, 16 Aug 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. As good. Afternoon here every Tuesday folks welcome to -- spot -- and about The Washington Times. I'm Ivan Carter this is the wind out of The Washington Times. And -- -- blaming you for everything that's just the way it's cold blooded on Twitter what's up with that caps fans just like the united -- and electric like it. Took hockey fans allowed you guys just called out went to the season starts you know we -- take a look at the menu that against Monty in the late in the -- -- -- We get mad at us. But those -- what that was sort of the Redskins job back. Everybody's all American or maybe nobody is all American apparently would be what you are not as good a good start for the Redskins Friday night in Indy. Of course Rex Grossman got the start last week played very well I like this move. We pretty much know what rest Grossman -- I want us -- back can do with the first gamers doesn't do those things. Well we'll let the speculation is that the idea all along has been to make John Beck starting quarterback mean you're right next Christmas that we is. He's fumbled twelve times since since 2006 not so -- north Seattle quarterback. And he's not he's not -- maybe lead you to a Super Bowl John -- you really don't know how good or bad He is that you -- kind of see what He can do at least in the pre season or games are now. Yeah Muslim he's had that setback a little bit with a groin injury going to play last week so. Big opportunity for him to go up there you're Kyle Shanahan Mike Shanahan are both on and off the record talk about how they want to see with this guy can do so -- Basel do it now in this setting and you can always come back to Rex Grossman I have a feeling. This could be going back and forth all season if there isn't a knowledgeable tell Clemens doesn't get involved. Well they have three very good number two quarterbacks right now and John -- Rex Grossman and count Clemens but. Yes you want he's got to step of being number one -- Clemens had a chance with the with the New York Jets. Couldn't do it Rex Grossman had a chance with the Chicago Bears made it to the Super Bowl with a with a great defense we don't know what John Beck and do we don't know the rest of the town team. But one of the big pieces missing a good job back. I keep an eye on that also other bigger critic you my -- OJ Atogwe -- safety. -- slowed by injury. -- managers to do with the achilles' you're transparency and speed and looking at the little bit about football that I know I know from just play it from college it's you safeties need to be on the same page. Very much like defensemen in hockey. Very much like any pairing -- outfielders in baseball. They need to be able read off each other practically in this defense -- -- -- the yankees' luxury in a box slot blitzing you cannot have these guys not familiar now they have not practiced yet. To hope that they're both gonna play in the third receives a game that -- chicken -- -- and He did have an offseason work. All around and He did so yesterday he's -- movement off via -- and perform list on Wednesday so that's a good step toward playing at their pre season game in Baltimore. Mean those guys are hurt but they're good guys are better that they at least know. -- injury more than Atogwe during the cigarettes and they know the system they know kind of what the deal with here. And a little bit of an injury in the second or two Josh Wilson hamstring and right yesterday. And and with that but you can spend for the first four games this season we're gonna to see Kevin Barnes play at as a nickel cornerback Cecil secondary is a a question mark right now but that's. That's something we're only know what Atogwe but now. Yeah because they've got to stay healthy there and we'll keep an eye on the rather dangerous situations and Malcolm Kelly's and I felt Cruz is not gonna happen -- guys do anything on the field. Whatever it is me and He can't make the club you don't make you're in the top if not practice. -- slight bit of a step back it's kinda holding back a little here and there. How much should business has been concerned. A little bit of the there's a question whether he's going to be available for that first game. Of the season but Fred Davis has also shown an improvement in his blocking an improvement and it's all around game and focus He lost weight. In the offseason so him being able to kind of step in there and grant -- two. A rich Campbell wrote a story and -- times about that about these guys stepping up in the event that the cool he's not gonna play. So at least you know that there are some options there quickly should be healthy by that at least the second of their weaknesses. Q I am back I have Chris -- helping those two tied into the big particularly as they used his running game the bootleg action election likes to use those tight ends. So we'll follow that a switching gears real baseball know Jim Thome last. For the five is 590 ninth -- 600 career home run did for my Minnesota Twins. They are going anywhere. Quick thought was what would they try to move or so ago -- contender but -- question the debate seemed to be is the hall of Famer. I'll say this I don't know if he's a first ballot hall of Famer. What he's a hall of Famer. He's gonna finish right now is batting average better than several -- Boarded an energy gets excited when guys -- marchment. Eldred junior and others on Reggie Jackson included in his -- base for a percentage of his first of all time when guys it's about Butler that. I know people say he's never been an MVP. What it's all these. Derek Jeter experiment MVP He got the 3000 hits that the seem to be too barometers 3000 hits or 600 home runs. And and Jim Thome and there's a nice guys all think he's he's considered one of the nicest guys in baseball that's gonna help -- and it's of a vote of of writers to. But look we Democrat's career as he's been the best player on -- -- several times he's a power hitter who can also hit for average and get on base. -- -- -- Old school old school partner and you didn't era. -- a lot of guys machine and there's never been correct or whichever He was one of them. Even more impressive so congratulations Jim Thome just all around good guy we need more guys like that in sports. Things that we wanted to talk of a jerks all the time. Here's a guy universally respected him a read a story today -- Every -- ticket taker. Solid a ball boy janitor in every club he's ever worked -- a first name basis in new developers racist He just that kind of guy. So good story could -- a good student and it. It for -- to keep it those homeless too bad for the twins though it's it's a loss. Bad year for my boys are switching gears when did you follow hockey east. Sidney Crosby. Or creeping up on the opening their camps are going to be right on the corner but to Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh -- -- may not be. Want someone for the start of the season how concerned. Should you be if your payments that you should be very can. Concern I mean that there are some talk last year when He had those concussions around the winter classic and the week after that. You know -- can make the playoffs -- wondered if he's going to be ready what was really could be nine months later ten months later. They're not gonna rush him back for the start of the season there and they don't want to rush it's guys back because this guy back because career can be endangered. And you have to start wondering about whether he's ever going to be the same again. And whether he's going to be the same dynamic player that the NHL maybe built its future around this Ovechkin Crosby thing. Crosby can't be the same player He was before winning gold medals winning Stanley Cup. Then you gotta wonder how how -- his value is that the -- was -- leading and really as a hockey and you gotta hope the heat itself. If you were Arctic about a guy Justin Morneau. When MVP in baseball couple years ago. Came -- -- large chunk of last season with the twins came back this there's not been right. Not in the same sort of thing has headaches I'll -- you played a ton of youth hockey is acute problem in Canada. There was his concussion started dad. And then the ones you've got Major League Baseball sort exasperated the issue we're seeing this issue of sports now it's out there it's on the table. -- up to me this is not a man in this issue this is -- a -- health issue how for his sake. He comes back when he's ready not because He feels He needs to come back. And now we know a little bit more about concussions maybe 1015 years ago got per -- concussions and or even been diagnosed. Now at least there's doctors they're saying look. You've got a concussion you've got symptoms -- let you get back on the -- -- and and cleared for contact yet. And that's the step for even gets back until into a lineup Sidney -- -- that that's the picks that. And I know what there's a rivalry here if folks here like to give Crosby's our time I get that but -- with with -- the big picture here. If you're a hockey -- and NHL fan and you want that league do you -- on the Crosby it's going to the rivalry is terrific no matter who you root for not. Is like magic bird. He take one away it's just not quite the same -- like a great boxer doesn't have that -- in their and there are apparently -- Roy Jones junior never had. He never -- -- had to -- you need apples robberies the sport needs it. So pleased. But for bud get action Crosby drizzle and hope they do -- the right way it appears they are they will not rush through that got back out there in this concussion issues it is not going away. Bigger faster stronger. Sports -- hockey football takes soccer it's big big issue so I think his assortment of the course of our careers and journalism as best as we talk about that. A lot it's it's it's a big issue and at least -- something that that's gotten out into the public to where people are talking about and that's and that's I guess the good thing. We we know more about mental issues we know more about. Players who who like the pop Robert who who died after having several fights throughout his career. And I get start to to look at the medical side it and see what the impact of fighting is a hockey with the impacted. -- -- tenacious and all these things. I'll tell stories that it will lead to follow up on that today at 5 o'clock on my show -- biking is in the house boarding Danny Danny we want us except the fans. And Howard football coach Gary Harrell. Extra get that program are built along touches out of significant. And black college football. He appears now the new president it was a new resources into it at the football classical RFK I guess more how's that it's going to be a party. I don't know how good a ball back for a -- calls but boy you about the bands. And that defense is going to be just as entertaining if not more than the football. We'll get checked out but the more miles an -- band member is going to be show so why don't talk about that. And of course by -- he's gonna have some start to say about as usual. Steve won in Washington times Ivan Carter is one smart slide. The degree afternoon. CSN Washington dot com.

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