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Lunchbox Live: Rich Campbell joins Ivan Carter to talk Redskins-8/12



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CSN Washington dot com. And look at what box live -- Ivan Carter this is rich Campbell of Washington times Redskins beat reporter. The pre season is here in games last night He had -- -- play and I. Things Premier League opens baseball's gone on to great it's a good -- here for sports -- that's right it unless you want to. You know rod belly traffic tonight -- maybe not -- you got up early -- -- -- early Steelers in -- what percentage of the crowds and the Steelers fans. I'll pick out six follow at least -- -- how many how many Redskins and that they're thinking no chance on this in this belly traffic and on and off on. Pittsburgh fan and yeah. You know strokes now there's a lot of it will be on. Tour right now at wash post live. If you get your tickets wearing -- Steelers fan I want I want they'll call your time you Ron is received a call yet what do you look at for tonight can one. -- -- Mean we haven't -- a -- beat -- expertise. That -- haven't thought that we haven't actually thought what you're looking for and I've missed. I'm looking at -- defense of line. Keeps offensive blockers off got that one and Fletcher Rocky Macintosh Perry Riley got last season. The reason their defense ranked 31 in the league. Was because they could get him off exactly. Nose tackles and put back Maake Kemoeatu Kedric Golston was getting pushed back out and was laying down exact -- planking on the -- right there like and Barry Cofield and Stephen Bowen their broad and holed that -- attack keep those linebackers clean -- will spark no tonight if these moves are gonna work now you've got to let one rotten. To go make plays at especially at this stages where he's not a guy can get -- a total blocks and then going to hit the ball care he's going to feel He needs a clean shot. To attack that's their job and that's how this whole defense is -- got a sex the linebackers flow back and forth. And if you see them doing that you'll say all right Barry Cofield Stephen Bowen does got a demeanor jobs are -- I got my guys that are hackers. He's -- count anybody. Has a little bit and -- here and there. He gets in your hat I played the position all the way through college He dropped couple particular about it because my where it is -- wishing. It's in your brain where's that right now it exactly where you said He is dropping about a ball for practice right now. And it's one thing when you do in practice you put on TV you put him in front of 40000 fans tonight. You start dropping balls now the public's got -- -- -- yet have a public sees herself now public starts to wonder it got so. It's Patterson has a lot at stake tonight catch the first ball start to get comfortable. Want to see him use his body well he's 62 and 200 pounds He can do some things physically. That a lot of the other rescue -- can't use them off smaller guy. So. Tennis is using his hands and using his body well tonight it will be very good start for him -- keep that guy. What do you want to terms of offensive line play a blitz pickups it's all -- -- -- some some issues with that. Of the the white Maxwell and in picking up all -- blitz packages agrees to repeat your deepest and also the -- -- climate in the -- one gap. Well it's a big question how much Pittsburgh and show because pre season games in got thrown out only with so the Redskins offensive line is struggling. Against the Vanilla Pittsburgh defense and your thinking wow what you know because what what would -- look like they were released -- guys. That is what you wanna see you wanna see. -- -- -- winning one on one blocks because last year that you always do that. You know I'd Trent Williams getting beaten some time but some of the best passer efficiently -- which expires -- thing. How was will Montgomery gonna play at center compared to keep rob suck Kasey last season. Getting pushed back way too much yet and will Montgomery anchor a little bit better there and of course Chris Chester new right guard. How good is He getting out running that's what they -- knowing exactly that's that's what they like about him -- -- so we'll start to see some of these trees even though. It's not necessarily against a gain steam. You can tell guys when. Individual matchup when they're on the right track what they got cute and -- the Christmas you mean alcohol -- -- the -- -- the play clock when your motioning. I can penalties you know the kind of things. To work on in the offseason. Like I assume. That with Mike -- mean pare it down keep it simple. In this sort of build. They're -- exactly and we heard so much last year when Donovan McNabb was gaining. In all it was under fire. And Rex Grossman -- that they went and in that Detroit game and lean years because they thought He was more comfortable getting it out of the huddle and He was He got the team to line the -- time left on the play clock. More time left to make adjustments at the one scrimmage line receivers horrible things like that so that's what you see from Grossman tonight. Is He running efficiently what -- high -- like likeable lot more. -- He can sling -- -- at all. That could be potentially. Disastrous those two if they do not take care of the football when you put them together and hot towers fumbled more than let -- -- and threatening high -- basically fumbling want to practice right unacceptable. If Shanahan can can't like I mean that is the you know the easiest way Dmitry you -- not play at all after disease and he's got -- he's got a big opportunity with -- three hurt right -- has. And healthy for an entire season as an amateur ever exactly so. Lot to gain for Tim that night -- just hold on the ball with Rex. Redskins wanna see him make good decisions -- -- said. Pittsburgh and mixing things up and change much of their looks but. Is He making the right decision not trying to force balls because you know He doesn't have the arm strength is -- balls and extremely tight windows he's not smart. But I have that. All Redskins Steelers 730. Pregame show starts here in the network 630. Actions put on my short 5 o'clock to lead -- Comcast sports exclusively in high definition Washington Redskins tonight it's Pittsburgh Steelers football season was awesome last night the Ravens took it. Pretty good too hard on the -- and office was not good. Didn't get a backup quarterback Tyrod -- to me you know I think he's good. That. Also got injured I think Roger oh okay He went back quarterback so -- Joseph Flacco. Forget who I mean I think it's about lot now you know Indianapolis club our little Frontline want. Could you blame him if He wasn't I mean you got that he's he's retired you know it at this point to call so far malicious. All -- accurate you think really Brett Favre can come and lead to the Super Bowl this is it you still got that Vikings first in Colorado that. It could happen us in the media's I don't have. If partly just came back put this glad I would become part of it -- -- circuits I'm done with the circus her for a little -- you've got rated as we saw the roster -- I wanna talk a little bit about football -- football. United game. Smaller back who would count to three points out of a playoff spot on the east when it was Orioles scored goals like who's job it is as He scored the last schools. 99. Games he's been here actually in you know and no more ties. In a playoff. That's at some point just a danger at all for what -- that finish teams off for the money you got ten minutes to hold onto lead. Yeah hold onto I mean some some. Quality the back mean DC united conceded too many Eagles late games so. -- -- to show they can Davidson and to an extent also last week putting the -- In the hotel to mimic a real reason is that right on the road I didn't know that didn't quite work at times total -- games -- -- terrible refereeing -- away. -- at that particular holes with that when He was Oreo. Back to back -- the last play of the -- on the show last week and Brandon McDonald and defender could guys here's in this week did you throw it away but that also tomorrow. It starts English Premier League but Chelsea the blues won't for a championship -- was back in -- last year and by John -- tactic here. -- -- I'd like us. It's been Nancy menu and then we'll see what happens I -- -- -- -- -- awful and I pulled till it -- that's what song to us. -- you're about to call Chelsea man city at the as the two top teams are already -- you're already does not win and then mad city but they have you just got me and you third. You know. While ago and -- -- I don't balls off or bullet when like you like. That they're able to move up and all the additions in the top ten that's a sport yeah. But you're gonna sound dumb jock this year. Kept. He's happy -- -- -- -- close there was talk anyone might -- champions league well does it significantly. With the Liverpool fans. That's right that's before they enjoy that would fall. The pictures. We get upset at your interview hopefully those fixtures in. You know Czechoslovakia. -- plays -- something like that next week you know numbers that. For me that's that's our Liverpool -- that. It was really -- Callaway tot -- -- cancel their opener whatever send Chris to our great American goalkeeper place Robertson. Because of the riots the top of a great club -- about them. It's a bomber that did that it agent the sport because it means so much I've been in that neighborhood is literally -- neighborhood in this stadium. And that's Catholic I mean it's just it's a ball right obviously doesn't. The Peppers was called drive for -- to me like what it is just tear -- the city. Got to -- police used matches yeah and better application and -- the police are at matches. -- -- -- protect people on this awful yet to particularly when you're better at the Olympics next year. -- -- the football. Couple bought at football rich Campbell could be all of your Redskins tonight The Washington Times. I will be having a beverage of my choice on my couch as -- traffic different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For too long awaited Super Bowl title that it's gonna happen. Marquette went to skip that first pass to Bernard Pollard are then -- got your back have we wrote to him I got you know. A good job Kitna 5 o'clock today drew -- desperate as it -- you know. Delay but. Mighty Dan Steinberg we're checking in with Kelly Johnson -- -- Kelly Johnson from the stadium for your Redskins news goes CSN Washington dot com. And of course we just got Washington -- act rich slash Campbell underscore underscore underscore please -- underscore her at rich underscore Campbell. All right Giacomo all your Redskins needs a -- Bob -- for my show have a Good Friday. If you see me out about later by me and here. CSN Washington dot com.