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GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Michael Jenkins-8/11



CSN Washington dot com. Guy -- sports net central update. Hello everyone Michael Jenkins Richard Geico sports and central update. On the eve of the Redskins pre season opener with the Steelers we still don't know if we'll -- quarterback John Beck and action. His groin has limited him in recent workouts however. He did practice hand offs on Wednesday in eleven on eleven drills which does require more mobility he's not been ruled out. Against Pittsburgh. But Chris Cooley will sit the bench on Friday night while nursing a left knee injury. -- -- running back Ryan -- right guard Artis Hicks receiver Malcolm Kelly and safety OJ Atogwe on the list of those unlikely to face Pittsburgh on Friday night. In baseball the nationals lose to the Chicago Cubs for two. Former Nat Alfonso Soriano does most of the damage against Washington going two for three with two RBIs. And time now for your Bryce Harper watched. Richmond visiting Harrisburg bottom seven harper finished. Takes a called strike three He doesn't like because let's go home plate umpire know about that and that's enough for harper to. Get the boot an early night for the eighteen. And that'll do it for me on the Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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  3. Chris Cooley0:31
  4. Alfonso Soriano0:52
  5. Chicago Cubs0:49
  6. Bryce Harper0:59
  7. Malcolm Kelly0:40
  8. OJ Atogwe0:41
  9. John Beck0:18
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