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CSN Washington dot com. I will go to lunch box live with a Ivan Carter a -- Carter. -- -- about The Washington Times is Geoff thanks Williams CSN Washington dot com. It's going out. He's excited to do this was me today were. The highlight your day. Meaning where. Exactly exactly bako and I'm finally reunited this. But it's a fun time here to get NFL -- a full swing pre season games open Friday Saturday biggest Thursday there's there's one. Through the weekend. In the leg mason going out. I was at home and a -- to -- game if Tiger Woods and involved in the golf tournament. Baseball. All kinds of stuff -- -- Strasburg. Our experts. Is that what stands out you from the weekend. -- favored or most important story. Think greeted the weekend -- it all day. Which to me it's become and that's it for me it's really I think. Everyone I'll fame speech it is amount. It and I think it. Really hard. -- Speeds and you know went. Out there you know rights and I'll -- -- Key you know caught flak for not preparing speed -- net He was. Natural. Give up seriously what's on your mind except reward you go right. It's on a summer stuff is over don't I mean I I don't need you think everything He would be avenue fine it's your time a lot it. But I thought their hamburgers He promoted reforming it about last year -- Jackson and before they won because He just got -- that we do do them -- it felt natural. So a position to see how people think different approaches. Right and it rate it in the car at seven PR's yeah. But it -- Our Strasburg thing. It's -- today because you are beginning years he's on the front page of both the post and the times all whose actions not just sports action. The news. Plus section so telling -- that this was a big stories. You know he's going to be one of the big names in the sport and you always cares about a guy comes back after Tommy John. Missing a lot of guys do it He looked pretty good -- loss -- in the ninety's. Give up a home run. But He is the store for this franchise right now because -- they're not going anywhere this year. Hope to see him here in DC September. All of -- -- hoping that there are holes so. Righty well and they -- He only threw 31 pitches through there obviously taking it slow and you know one thing that kind of it stands out in my mind it's what do you think about this whole idea of him coming back -- the -- -- tickets like (%expletive). Now does He get honestly can't let him rehabbing him or try to ramat. I don't think it's just for tickets and look he's on the favorite schedule -- -- goes on. From that so. Look at if it if you sell some tickets in the mean time and the guys on schedule. And yet you wanted to face -- Major -- competition. Gets the momentum. For next year I don't see a problem with it unless. You're you're watching them medical process just to get him here than now idealistic I don't think of doing that hole. Think it sounds like he's ready to be back he's meant He said that he's grown so much from this experience. And He feels stronger only physically but mentally. So and He thinks that He can you know with and a bowl. He's in the minor Major League. So I mean anything at this point I think He needs only listen to lose not come back tees because it misses the first yeah. This kind. Meager certain. So I mean He He did it disappoint you -- you know 44. Decades. You know I -- and only allowed one home and so. And look like he's the -- -- lost -- in the ninety's to recognize that. And then see just how He physically feels the next day it could see I feel sore today -- it's a big part of it. He's due for maybe another start Friday -- so keep in mind that while more on that on the show at 5 o'clock. There's from the disease because that's a long time here's He has taken John Feinstein. So -- can run that Redskins wives are -- first person again this weekend and I'm curious to see what some of these guys have been injured right care in the rookie. The job that now is a little banged up almost who's gonna play how much they play Friday night. And as far as the Ravens to all -- pre season games appears to see how sloppy it is how many penalties you see injuries. Because of the offseason effect if there is any -- and watch that how many coaches. A British Open schedule more because they -- -- condensed offseason or attempting Super Bowl last as they worked their way in. Well and -- Hendry are on injured theme injury actually at the end of last season the killer who. -- and think that's irritating as scary. Easily. Easily the best player effectively. Even before Orakpo on with Eric and I think -- and He. On -- -- -- for -- I think that's like working better than it is right there they're they're both pretty hyped up. Known factors entered Gerald -- Injury. On include me you know this is the first time. And -- line kinda like this you know yet eat Green. I know he's he's I think he's pretty neat pack -- you know he's twenty ninth so interesting to see how He. Bounces back on from the injury meaning it's the best plan right and they're very good one at the aces button -- Theriot eyes right now. Fred Davis -- -- dollars a seat house those things that transition. Off I'm watching closely this week. To see where offensively wise in that game how skilled down as and I can't imagine they got everything and they wanted to. Particularly. He's only gonna have four games. -- to get this thing wrapped up for the regular season I imagine this you're -- down schemes all over the -- offense -- defense so it really curious. Just how this worked as we continue to watch how -- like I'll effects football. We'll have that we all week -- here folks out there see -- Washington dot com with your injury updates those are the keys this time of year. Well also today on the show with very good job I -- talk a little bought that the golf turned the Bridgestone have Scott. Got the win with Stevie Williams the caddie never known can get this much attention in this -- getting. Getting an injury he's getting interviewed afterward sort of issues whenever. Command more money after that tiger it is. Tigers -- from an. -- Yeah it does it really work. Oh. Were. Tight. Like. They. He says it -- -- dispute they have a breakout. Hit a bad break. -- often guards. That. There. Because of that the war there. So we knew when you don't do what you do to cut it off. Are -- sure you're nice to try to Wear him down easy yeah I'm very up. Does it work. -- -- -- -- Then they always come back. That not -- they go Raanan. Run for the -- to keep the kind that again could you go by things -- opinion. On that story now about my daily life. Tiger Woods. In the break up there also Dominick Cruz and -- Easton. Are part of MM as an event coming up here in DC Mikey on the show before so that they'll be fun. You into it. -- that's why Shawn. Because. It's you know. For these guys are athletes appear. On me. -- -- Night and good old fashion violence yeah. That era. -- for. There did his so I've got it. There you go out. Paul was suppose that 5 to 5 o'clock job by Spain. Mr. Lugo Dominic Cruz might he's been -- talked a big head -- in -- on the first baseball player to ever come up. And kind of after effects of that I'll look -- it it was good news is very interest does is it just being. Is -- -- because it's an issue pro sports that I I know without him a company a -- Six years be for five I know they're gay athletes just a question of whether there ever had the courage or wanna do -- lack of coming out. Well certainly it -- it be tough out there could be top can be tough so what -- -- -- transitioning as a culture maybe that changed the next few years. Even if in in the culture that so at that as well so that'll be a lot of fun and what are you working on us today. I'll let me sent from over the weekend. I think Utley lay there while it states. That currently there tell about. In the morning. Fantastic match here in DC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defeated its parent and -- -- rate in the tired. Mean it was in that tiebreak we knew was that victory that by eight with the -- at least it would go to play at. What was greatly. There about three year for long rain delays and still people that -- -- it is certainly hear these things. Oh yeah I look at the minute Isner at that game point and the -- and people. Thought that's talk. Great tournament goes away I -- imagine that as well you're good CSN Washington are coming -- stuff. Yes it all week long where our writers rich cam and Ryan of him how are. Are at redskin Redskins -- daily they're gonna have your coverage unlock these notes special features. Eagle and. But don't go anywhere else. When you come back for 5 o'clock go for -- -- -- got some form there. Many -- you said Washington come about because Chad was -- slap it and -- The Washington Times -- CSN Washington dot com.



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