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Lunchbox Live: Ivan Carter and Michael Jenkins talk Redskins and Strasburg-8/3



  1. Michael Jenkins0:14, 9:40
  2. Jammal Brown7:52
  3. Kellen Clemens2:28
  4. Vince Young3:31, 3:43
  5. Rex Grossman2:13
  6. Randy Moss4:04
  7. Michael Vick3:31
  8. Pittsburgh steeler6:15
  9. DeSean Jackson4:13
  10. Daniel brier5:07
Wed, 3 Aug 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. What was -- clubs about Washington times I've caught in this course. Michael Jenkins. -- is my first. Debut. In nervous. Put -- on. All. Prologue. As you know. I argued week so on. Top now. There's a couple of specialists. And I'll take a look at the bad -- and talk about today. He -- -- possibly start that it Hagerstown. In. Grossman in the house. Has now got four games off. Wonder why. It was about there now and at the studio to day on the show at 5 o'clock and by the newspaper. The story Strasburg. Good side and asked him -- -- and raise the if you want any reason -- -- not only football. Straws here in September. I guess I mean I guess that's. The -- are you more. At. They're pushing back with. Us or. It. Our insiders says oh -- that -- off always worry cold next year. Always worry about the surgery. In pop and remember we were told last year toward. Why don't happen where we're gonna take care of them watches and watch his pitch count goes out blow up the arm. The rehab apparently has done great so that's good news but. Maybe it's just part of the fact that the guys an injured. Left on the first time and now word. I just don't want it. Them to push him back Houston but I'm sure. Their point that guy right there along with number eight for the capitals probably this region's best hope -- the championship race in this town in the times yes at. Not to make it too dramatic but that's it is probably. Grade -- Strasburg. Rex Grossman. Six cigarettes and speak about sex he's back -- -- job backs that would can't. Do. They're going to go into the season. With -- job back in the next Grossman as the quarterbacks and Kellen Clemens. But I'm certainly haven't talked to. Who believes that John back you know each right. While. Very very close league job the last one. Report. -- was -- over under yesterday He was -- and everybody was like. One game. Before it -- John Beck but all the right things. Apparently were. And that's that's -- one -- Quarterback however. Lot you do have to have them natural. Football talent as well what that translates -- -- I didn't. -- -- -- -- Hope to -- in quite right over nine million touchdowns. And ours is He was easier on the race track -- -- UFO. On the US. So it's will give him a chance but. Hard sell you would look at the other quarterbacks that division I mean Phillies got Michael Vick and Vince Young back Jamal. That's what that is that's a terrible quarterbacks and bench. Play a couple. Usually you know what -- that the system. He'd He will that the system and now that Vince Young while has not lived up to it is draft -- Is what you want He want ultimately and He won a lot of games as the titans' starting quarterbacks and not to that dynamic player Woodstock college. But He would still right now BD without question starter for the. Just another another Eagles -- thing Richards on the report comes out today that that right as Randy Moss was decided tighter Eagles jumped in with an offer. Now two thoughts here one why not signing everybody that gets Gulfport which DeSean Jackson thinking that the years that. That's a good question I'm the only problem Eagles are gonna have to deal -- it is now He knows He knows. You ought to do -- a lot of guys are gonna want touches. I wonder at this point Brady's career he's like look. I can make the bank and in great shape reportedly over the summer it worked out harder than ever which is why it was surprising that you retired the first place and I. Yeah maybe he's willing in the age of 34 to take a backseat. Or maybe they thought of were -- -- -- to squeezed -- Jackson is but that -- probably -- loud -- at least a little bit to do just. Six seed. Keep and I and that. With the Eagles do a whole -- -- reported to -- Michael. And specifically but today area -- first or Israeli missiles -- for the -- they scored his first coach of course you're a Maryland. -- just think they did Daniel brier was a pretty good quarterback which propelled the rest of the team took the names off the jerseys. -- -- You know I don't think it's about whether or not your names on the back enters your I think what it is he's won anything it's the symbolic. It's a symbolic processing we're gonna do things. Change you know whether you're -- on the -- new uniforms. Names on the back you know world team. You could probably different motivational -- tactics won anything important to say. Things are different in we're gonna do things of what that means that we were doing in the past the bad habits we -- He's different now ward. Or you deal and coach can -- pretty quickly who's on board so what if anything I think it's it's that it's that symbol of saying one direction. Obviously a basketball back. Are what his thoughts as they get away for camp. That's what Twitter users Twitter with the program Danny O'Brien's on there was quarterbacks the good and bad of it as if for college football coach left program. I would imagine basketball what rules He has the players who are on there I imagine they don't want guys can have trouble because you get in trouble. Yeah we always say that who was it out it was Pittsburgh steeler. -- -- and -- I don't know all the loops and then I don't. At the pro football player but if -- -- to have to be careful and if you're if you do what we -- here because. That's stroke I've got until -- you know. Are. Your. -- it. It's a shooter you'd think. That. The booster Bobby Gaston 500. 21. Thanks -- out -- that's how. Nowadays beyond Jason read them at 5 o'clock in -- up Redskins updates. And training Camp David do -- for Ravens and Redskins. Would you keep and I your plans specifically for the quarterback and the Redskins and Ravens wise. But the -- -- And every year. Rechargeable. Which is the very least they're starting to form some -- For two moments ago. Now you could argue oh great. But you got to start somewhere the Phillies got some guys know each other play. At. Here's because -- them. I have in the off season. It was very hard great bunch of guys in the Denver Christian pastor and if you prepare for it's almost impossible continuity in this system. You know these guys back hope that the -- of their last certain batter but missed. Well on record center. -- and coach -- -- and better Jammal Brown was predicting last year. Any injuries they've had in the last years -- be trouble again. Even -- That it. Not an expert I think most people. If there was an injury -- -- line -- it's it's still there right struggled last year you had a guy come as a backup. It's tractors if I gotta have especially with the Redskins and their recent history. You've got to have some decent up -- -- is -- helpful and Redskins. Cross fingers for blows there quickly Ravens camp with a one over. -- arching issue thing. With them instead -- smooth running machine from our perspective it's an -- if you Redskins. You look up the road what they don't lose there's no issues everyone loves it shoddy question. Is this -- Not. Gonna win. Haven't colored again and with a division yeah yeah they certainly -- a bit. -- the overarching system -- up. The receivers. Doubled -- Yet but I think a I think the rookie record He has this thing in a room really do a lot that that's the past socialist problem. In your reports -- you can former. He's he's he's of those guys has a world he's always had asked them. And just getting on He also. Tried running. Through them on the eighth is that -- Yes you -- You of these. All of that you run that thing at the you know we -- can that Michael Jenkins. -- Me. 5 o'clock come back it's not ready yet to history and all that it for a lot more fun than by The Washington Times it's 00. -- -- With -- go that. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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