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  3. Tito Ortiz0:20, 0:32, 1:12
  4. John Jones3:46, 3:47
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Mon, 1 Aug 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. To a -- fix them Dustin Green and we'll go from strike force do you have C written back on man Luke Thomas SB nation Johnson who want to the -- -- that I know all of you have seen -- there. Thought what you'll see 133. Tito Ortiz Rashad Evans to Ortiz and just a few weeks rest Rashad Evans on a lot of rest this is the classic I guess Rus vs rust Rashad. Who benefits more coming into this -- it's it's. Gotta be that Tito Ortiz can benefit more and how likely is and he's gonna win not very likely. But the stakes are higher for a shot Evans and consider originally He was supposed to fight Jon Jones is supposed to be one of the biggest fights of the year. That He got downgraded to an important fight but just to keep his place against Phil Davis. Now he's lost that the court itself was also kind of suffered. You know He needs to. To Ortiz simply to stay in place I'd I'd have to say. There were -- Evans is -- a tremendous minor but really his lip with a twist given the decisions He made solely -- fourteen months. About the assistants Rick -- how much effect do you think it's going to be in this -- -- is gonna be kind of interesting. Even for Tito Ortiz is not just Rashad Evans that's what it is -- fourteen months the interesting part about that though if He changed camps oftentimes when guys change camps. That you iron out things that they didn't as the problems before they can work on parts of the game they never did I think actually the change worked for Rashad Evans in between the layoff. May actually benefit him in the end we'll see when He performs but fourteen the fourteenth yes he's coming off all these camps but He really hasn't put. These skills to a laboratory with -- fight with the -- Ryan -- is important in the -- we can't discount -- but -- -- it was a minute and thirty seconds can you accurately judge the -- -- -- David Ortiz Ortiz in the -- and thirty seconds no you can't there's still lots of questions actually not just about to Ortiz -- -- -- as well this is the kind of -- we're gonna get answers for both guys that does the new -- as he's been kind of reference themselves you think He has enough left in the -- at this point in his career to really take a -- on the justified I think He believes He doesn't mean maybe that's enough. -- -- actually in August 6 the reality but to Ortiz that was He is 36 coming couples multiple surgeries and the way He positions that is what could have been performing at a high level all the time. I was -- back by the injuries and maybe that's true. Or maybe it's also true that taking that amount of time off not competing. Was actually inhibiting his ability to develop his skills that are meaningful way it isn't just that He was held back and -- done so well it's that Q are you relatively. How does He actually either regressed or not kept pace properly to handle the current problem it's more force you to put the right I'm bitter wind that's it Willis and obviously He does. Again a minute and thirty seconds while impressive what He did is not an accurate gauge of -- -- teases them and instills that in 2011. Now took to piggyback on that -- this is a rebirth for -- a stoppage here does that put him in line for -- I mean that we've heard He could be a top contender what do you think that would just be enough for him to bump up and can really honestly. Tickled to until that -- so. Did -- one answer this question if He said now. Now do I really believe that I'm not sure that I do let me give you an image it -- -- -- ludicrous but it's not the sort of that are ludicrous before the better fight -- me out. Tim Ortiz second round two minutes left in the round He is on top of Rashad Evans and guard destroying him against the -- class -- -- Ortiz. Past is -- like until maybe even now so what's the point where the ground and pound is so savage the referee has to rescue were shot haven't. You may think that's a likely I'm not saying it's likely I'm just saying let's posit that for a minute if that happens that scene. A team to Ortiz in unbelievable triumph. Usually it's either be fan clamoring to get -- guy fast forward it to to to to. John Jones and John Jones vs Tito Ortiz -- hoping to Ortiz at this point so which one of them -- hills is a master. At promoting a fight absolutely. It will be a long shot that you Ortiz but does He have the capability to achieve those ends through unbelievable performance. I think He does OK now finalist who picks in a question in your mind this time as lawless Lugo for Stokes who you -- -- your -- -- tonight I think. It's safe money is on -- -- and -- questions about shouted as we addressed them before. But the reality is -- it's it's just not fair to bank on to the work he's. Given all of the uncertainties that or uncertainties about Rashad Evans the fourteen month without changing can't. Maybe that changing camps will backfire because Jackson was providing on the kind of skill set that Evans needed specifically to succeed -- Newton camp doesn't. But you know I don't I don't buy that Rashad Evans as a pro he's a pro from pillar to post. And He knows what He needs to -- of his body needs -- He knows He needs to -- -- the highest level I really believe that there are some uncertainties we're gonna figure those out. But this is Evans is quite to lose and I think overall generally. Rashad Evans has a bitter -- skill -- more involved I'm much more devastating power and standing it. It's his fight to lose a little Rashad Evans as well but I gotta tell you this is a disclaimer OK this is why we're in DC and gotten Las Vegas all right I'll go for shot Evans would take. Who knows for all -- -- happened to Thomas is always a pleasure thank you very much like you. Okay through all of this week we'll have -- we've -- starting Wednesday from the city of brotherly love for fight of UFC 133. I'm Dustin Green and there's a -- another adults. -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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