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Are we nearing the return of Tiger?-8/1



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Mon, 1 Aug 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Tiger Woods took it a practice round at Firestone and Akron Ohio today he'll face the media for the first time in three months tomorrow at a scheduled news conference. Bestselling author John Feinstein weighs in on the return of tiger. What there's no reason for Tiger Woods not to play golf right now assuming that his knee and Achilles are healthy because he's got nothing else to do he's a golfer. And the PGA championship is next week so why not come back play at Firestone a place where he's won seven times where he's obviously comfortable. Get a good warmup event didn't go to try and play the PGA and then make it into the playoffs. For the PGA tour's so we can be a factor again remember he's also trying. To rehab his image was sponsors He can't do that unless He plays golf and plays winning golf. So there's no reason for Tiger -- not to be playing right now. CSN Washington dot com.

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