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Fantasy Island with Gene Wang: Top 5 fantasy quarterbacks-7/29



  1. Antonio Gates0:35
  2. Philip Rivers0:32
  3. Aaron Rodgers0:59
  4. Drew Brees0:46
  5. Peyton Manning0:17
  6. Michael Vick1:14
  7. Tom Brady0:45
  8. Chad Ochocinco0:56
  9. the Packers1:05
Fri, 29 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- welcome to today's installment of Spanish Allen will be talking quarterbacks my top five of the position are virtually unchanged from last season. Peyton Manning is my fifth rated -- quarterback arguably the most consistent and it's a pick of all time. The only reason he's not a higher on this list is because he's coming up next surgery that may keep him out of training camp if you draft Manning figure I'm starting slow and picking up steam. You obviously can't miss either with Philip Rivers my number four quarterback especially tight end Antonio Gates is favorite target is fully heal from plant our faster guys. That bothered him during the second half of last season. Reversal post gaudy fantasy numbers regardless of who's catching the ball. I have Tom Brady rated number three in Drew Brees rated number two but the separation folks this almost negligible both a lock to post at least 4000 yards and thirty touchdowns. Although I must admit I'm really intrigued by Brady to Chad Ochocinco this season. Aaron Rodgers remains the clear number one he's only gonna get better for -- running backs and -- healthy and alleviate some of the pressure from the Packers running game. I fully expect for a 200 yards and 35 passing touch on the minimum from Rogers. Plus a handful of rushing touchdowns to -- When quarterback you don't see on this list is Michael Vick -- is rated one or two on many fantasy sites. I don't see it that way based on Nick's injury history and because he's had only one season where you could say is a bona fide top tier fantasy quarterback. CSN Washington dot com.

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