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CSN Washington dot com. To say it's been a whirlwind. Couple months is an understatement mark. Head coach Mark Turgeon Weathers -- not an opportunity to spend some time with coach about and -- one of the stories and what had you touched on is when Kevin Anderson was trying to get older you. Don't talk about this job at the university of -- that was not easy. For they're more for you. Now wasn't in the thought the funny thing about story if you know -- about me and He Hagan outdoors I hate camping. And where I can't be your -- camping trip to me was cabins in their conditioning you're wasn't in -- -- like most people around that that. Yes we're on the -- didn't have phone coverage for 48 hours. I'm mildly it was it was meant to be was meant to be in and we came out mountains of Pennsylvania and my phone is lit up and you know Kevin and some. Some people around it I talked to right away and then and then it goes so quickly I mean little that I talked to him at noon on the Sunday. And He was -- hotel room in Pittsburgh about 8 o'clock that night so. Things move pretty quick from that point on then you work dress the way you wanted to be addressed it -- pretty. -- set -- got in the way I am yeah I think the nicest thing I had was an old pair of jeans. And saw I had a lot of rain in gear on and I happened to find I shouldn't say here and -- kiss the -- shared. Being involved or Baltimore Ravens country but I put that on over Ryan in gear for the for the press kind of for the for the interview I had sweats on. -- pretty relaxed going into that and so Kevin dressed out to be compared to teams in a sweater form. And it all worked out as we well know. You come and market you take over for a legendary guy that's probably one day going to be in the hall of fame Gary Williams how much thought process. Does that enter into a coach's mind He would take the spot of somebody. Who's been there for 22 years and done what He did it with this program. Well I hope He ends up in the hall of fame is He deserves it but and actually made my decision easier because. I think I'm a little bit like Jerry Gary's pretty straightforward. Really honest -- things the right way. I thought did an easy person to follow in that area. I've been around legends of follow legends of of work for legends. I thought let's let's play for legends I'm not really intimidated by that because as the day dubbed commercial says I'm comfortable on my own skin. The Gary made this a better job. Lefty did a tremendous job here -- Gary came in and He He made a great job and -- of the main reasons that the jobs -- -- -- conversation with Gary about that position. -- quite a bit that's the Sunday at the press conference you keep saying that the interview. I talked to Gary and I asked him to point questions any answer them exactly the way I want him to answer him. And they really help me of my decision and he's been terrific ever since I've taken the job. What was the main attraction for taking this job in Maryland certainly. The ACC being what we call the toughest conference in the country but you coached in the big twelve that's no -- out there. But Maryland as Maryland basketball I mean it's. There's very few programs and have a blue more storied tradition and we do so. It's one -- followed we've had 53 now 54 young men drafted. Because -- Jordan Williams. There's not many programs that can say that we've been a final four won a national championship. I'm not many programs can say that so if it's Marilyn and and I've always loved this area this part of the country. And there's a lot of that is you know a lot of players in this part of the country so. It was really once they. Got over the grips of haven't say goodbye -- was pretty much you know playing well the first couple of days had to be as we mentioned a whirlwind of activity. Press conference is meeting people traveling trying to get the label that has it stopped. It's slowed down and hasn't stopped and a little bit on my discretion but. Not one it's everybody around here high school coaches former players prep coaches -- -- coaches. Players. Boosters. To know that I was here form so I just tried to reach out as is and the best I could. The first sixteen days before I went back to Texas to see my family. Was an absolute whirlwind we got a lot done in the -- it was a lot of fun CSN Washington dot com.



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