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CSN Washington dot com I didn't Carter He. -- -- -- -- -- Just give thanks for joining us I know the last time you played in the US open last three times you won it. How special that place to you as you look back on your career. Some -- -- and it's it's a very special place to VS them and you know for me -- me. Because I won there before and then it was -- the first Grand Slam that I that I won the dismay -- is a very special for me to go back there and there's something about us. In New York crowds that this makes a difference too every other Grand Slam as well the five that you get when you get to go out there on center court and on Ashe stadium. It's very unique. To singer in the city as well I'm an assistant. The completely gifts of different life some runs then what I'm used to and it's nice just to have that makes up them -- Now look forward to -- and have a few tournaments leading up to that defense but I can't wait to to get to New York can I get ready for round. To try and defend my title again. What one of -- things as you look at the sport of tennis as the US presence is sort of declined it to a certain degree. It's back in the days you Chris Everett and John McEnroe Jimmy Connors. What has become more of a global game which I kind of like it you see -- players from all over the world. So for the sport itself it's very healthy maybe not even just as confident United States where his thoughts on. Yeah I mean I think it's great and I think it's great you know have a started the year how many fat you know a few different grandson -- we had three different -- someone just this year so far. You know myself I won in Australia then you have the French Open where and how He won go from last. From China would get which was obviously a big kid big change in the women's tennis and and then the check -- Patrick -- Obama won a Wimbledon so. It is nice to see them the change but I do believe that you know Venus and Serena it was only their first tournament back they're going to have you know. They have to get back into the mean they've been out for awhile and that so I think they're going to be ready to us. To golf that you -- the US open and that's going to be a very interesting one again Maria Sharapova is playing. Has been playing really well this summer and them and that's going to be -- an interest in US open and I'm I'm very happy them some of that on the part of it. That would be cool things -- people maybe like tennis on -- people wanna see it live you have a way for people win a trip. To next year's US open and see it in person tell us about that couples to get up there. Yep exactly I think its a skull like you said it's called follow me to be -- sold them player fans can actually. Follow players. But watching the Olympus US open series leading up to the US open on ES against you. They get to go online log in and they get to all the rules are on the follow me tedious -- thought doric. And them like you said they can win them a trip to the US open and 2012. And they get to play on on Ashe stadium for one hour and get to walk around. Behind the scenes. Be on the center court and meet a lot of the players so it's us. Very very cool thing to win them and the obviously an easy thing to do -- at the end the only thing you have to do incidents watch tennis on TV. And then you can win the prize so it's a very easy thing to do and and hopefully next CI can be there to meet the winner. All right I hope it's me or was that your best of luck thanks a lot. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Jimmy Connors1:08
  2. US open0:11, 1:58, 2:07
  3. John McEnroe1:07
  4. Maria Sharapova2:01
  5. French Open1:30
  6. Wimbledon1:41
  7. Grand Slam0:24, 0:35
  8. Venus1:47
  9. Everett1:07
  10. United States1:18
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