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Harrisburg Senators manager Tony Beasley on coaching Bryce Harper and the overall progress of the Nationals-7/22



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Fri, 22 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. She -- here is CSN Washington dot com -- -- in Harrisburg getting to know a few nationals prospects and right now I'm actually. Sitting with the coach the manager of the Harrisburg senators Tony Beasley a guy who's actually he's better all around them the minor leagues and the major leagues and actually was the third base coach of the nationals in 2006. Now the nationals this year especially -- come a long way from 2006. What can you say about their progress since then both at the Major League level and from your perspective in the farm system. Well basically I think his all come down to the draft I think they've done an outstanding job. No putting out quality players in the system and as you can see at the Major League level a lot of the players that are out. A young group that came up through the organization expressed in the mode diamond -- Ian Desmond and as He has second base. Know him obviously at third base but you know they have a lot of their own players that they've developed them. I think that's a testament to how they draft and develop players in the last few years and that's the biggest difference I see you know it's it's his leadership group that's committed to winning and ownership that's committed to winning in. When you have those components. And you're gonna have a quality enough product on the field. Seriously you were out -- -- -- reference in the team in the MLB futures game and of course Bryce Harper your current player was there but also Brad peacock a guy who. From our perspective kind of came out of nowhere where did this guy come from and how -- -- improve so much this year well you know a lot. All I have is this year wasn't here last year so. What I've seen of him he's just been outstanding and I heard on the past you know that He wasn't quite on the radar so to speak but he's really come allowed this year he's matured. He's 22 years old so is this probably. It's a matter of growing up and and feeling comfortable within his body and learn certain things about what He does and what what he's what He has to do to be successful in. Think Randy Tomlin has done an outstanding job with him pitching wise. He has outstanding stuff you know as a power fastball has a good breaking ball and a pitching to him as well so he's been able to use all three pitches and be successful. Now people are you you mentioned came under the radar yet to use the 41 round pick that. Had been in the system for a few years now a guy -- Certainly didn't go under the -- hours Bryce Harper who just -- you recently -- the Major League club do word to anyone system kind of prepare you for everything that comes with that both on the field and off the field. Well yeah you know obviously you know the media that's gonna come with that and and as far as I'm concerned just this amount of -- that part of baseball is baseball. It is to teach Bryce how to play the game as well as all the other players -- the do's and don'ts of baseball's baseball won one so to speak. The display game heart play it right I respect the game and He always do your best and that's what he's done so far only had a for three games but I've been really impressed -- how he's carried himself. He's been really professional. And I he's a great here like the way He played the plays hard and an aggressive and that's what you want out of eighteen year old kid. Very good thanks for talking Mitt with me this is Tony Beasley -- Harrisburg senators thanks for watching on CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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