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Lunchbox Live: Steve Kolbe talks Caps offseason plus the Dave Fay Memorial hockey game-7/22



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody welcome to lunch box live presented by The Washington Times. Kellie -- joined today by caps radio legend and see Colby. Great view of the moving out of it thanks so much so timing of the event tomorrow we have a huge thing -- cap count as likes. Great event for put cancer on -- obviously everyone in town knows about what -- they contributed to. Washington hockey in the National Hockey League in his time in DC covering the capitals and that it happened. By just a bunch of guys who are hosting a pick up game from both Maryland and Virginia. And all of a sudden wanted to do something to help out hockey fights cancers of the event tomorrow. 430 at the capitals Cutler rights flex a great time for great cause many capitals alumni coming up the play -- terror we were. Is going to be in goal as well also it's it's going to be a blast lot of great auction items including -- -- Mike Green autograph talk there's eighteen signed. -- winter classic capitals team photo. Our jerseys and plenty of other great things no admission charge. Just donations being accepted plenty of auction items and it I'll be there it's going to be a blast broke everybody come wanna. Immense it's a big names Harrison big name capitals and other other famous Andy tell long around -- it's going to be that. Without question of course I've been a beret who is you know hero in this town -- will be there participate in all the capitals alumni games. My partner Kenny Sauerbrun -- forty lane Gary Risley. Who is a you know just a fantastic ambassador for this hockey team around the DC Maryland and Virginia. And you know always willing to you ought to mix it up and I have some some great -- so you know it's. The capitals alumni is out the community they they do great benefit events and -- whenever something like this comes along and when you I talked with rob earlier today one of the organizers one of the guys who got this thing started. Are some years ago in route to this fourth at a -- annual. They -- memorial game and you know what we're going to have some special surprises tomorrow's wall that we're working on for auction items. That you're not going to wanna -- and I you know when they came in the last two were two years ago. Ought to play in this game you know I jumped at the chance to get in there and and go one on one against terror in goal for that first period. And this year not able to play myself but there will be there so I'll be there are cheering her on and Wes Johnson's going to be doing the PA. It'll be just like our game at Verizon Center they'll have that type of atmosphere and should be a great time. All sounds great and it's you mentioned it and it's it's the day and memorial game and you as a longtime radio guy you must have had plenty of experiences with it. We're gonna have a special guests join us in just a second Atlantic from you know your favorite may be your favorite thing is I'm. Well when you take when you take and and look back that they say David Fay was a guy that He was honest and when you go to the hockey hall of fame website. Over every every award that's given out in the in the Foster Hewitt and also the -- Ferguson. Which day they was under with back in 2000. When He won in 2000 and and nine. It's says legends of hockey that's exactly what they they once He wasn't just a legend. Here in Washington DC He was a legend of hockey for what He gave back to the game. And also this region where. You know on a daily basis and that was before the Internet before everything we have now and today. Where they they was writing about this team when -- when folks wanted to follow this team when they were on the road and get their information indeed they was always there. He was there with you whether or not you had a run in or whether or not you did and I go back to that. That luncheon where. Pat -- -- wife was there and Jason lock in for gave the the speech basically to accept the honor. On behalf of the -- who passed away before. He received the award but did know that He was going to receive the -- Ferguson. And that speech by Jason -- and four was one of the of the greatest speeches. I have ever heard by any media member or any player and we're talking about a year back in 2007. Where Ron Francis Al MacInnis Mark Messier and Scott Stevens perhaps the greatest class entering gather. In the hockey hall of fame were all honored that year and they -- was among that group. Sounds amazing and an amazing career truly truly master on the locker room -- and incomes as well. I have -- -- you'll join us at a little bit earlier on the line on Teixeira a little bit former yarder after about Washington Capitals are. A very long time and you worked extensively with Nate Nate worked extensively with mister -- it. So He shared with me his favorite isn't just not to help but take a lesson. A if I was from overtime and then. Chris Simon who is our enforcer at the time came up to Dave and it was rather animated conversation with my predecessor PR. No state secret something. That seem to like or whatever Oilers but Chris comes right up for the two of them perhaps davis' they've discussed in any trouble just what can all take care where. They the players -- his back and I think kind of becoming knew He had their back as well. Even if it was great critical things on the. Ballot and thanks again Nate you all for calling and and joining us on that such. So many great stories and right now a lot of people are writing about it as -- why don't had a great column yesterday about. I'm Dave say so anything out there is it just a legends I can't thank them enough and I think we've yeah and yes surely -- and tomorrow a definite it sounds like a great event and definitely -- worthy cause. But -- can until a couple of the caps made a lot of moves this offseason. So is starting with the draft and you know couple trades and now let's start off with Brower. Saturday let's let's get into that just a little bets your thoughts on that. When you're looking at a guy like like like per -- you're looking at a guy with a lot of energy and you know this offseason -- capitals really I think where the winners one of the winners in the offseason in terms of what they were able to do when He comes with. Experience coming from a Stanley Cup winner in Chicago and are really is going to be a fit upfront for the capitals and let's face it going into the season. There won't be many spots available coming into training camp maybe one maybe two. That may be available for someone to come in and shot what you're talking about a guy that's not shy about going to war that high traffic area toward the front of the net he's not a afraid to go into the zone where He knows He may take a beating. The capitals do have those kind of guys on their roster they always have and they always will and that's the kind of player in Broward. That really will get the job don't wanna count when you need that dirty goal he's the guy you can count. Kind of younger Mike Knuble beleaguered Eagles -- you know Mike Knuble admitted self. That that. The ball of his goals in the National Hockey League career have been scored from -- From ten Peter and we got a statistic last year about that on you know it's been documented that maybe you know a huge percentage of his goals have been scored from. At the bottom of the arc of the circle toward the goal crease. -- may not be pretty but they get the job done that's all -- and hang -- down the span. It is so you did mention a couple maybe it may be very few spots opening up on the -- The caps roster and it's -- -- develop our training camp comes up. Hamels season people -- competing for the spot but a big question mark on defense pounced on party whether or not He comes back. If he's healthy enough to and what what they do because right now there are over the cap. So what have you heard about. Well for Tom podium very tough injury to try and come back from and something that bothered him all of last season He tried to come back and would have to miss significant amount amount of time was seen by numerous specialists. Throughout the country and Canada in terms of trying to get himself back and that's an injury. Where I don't know the severity and the extent of that the Chris Clark battle something similar to that a few years back where He had to have sports hernia surgery but. You know you wish to your wish come voted the best and he's a guy when he's out there he's got to stay at home defenseman. And really guys that you can count on putting with my Korean and all that you can give Mike Green that Green light. To go ahead and push the offense while Tom forty would go back and make sure He was staying at home and covering his defensive -- so. You know -- I think they're still unsure about where that's going to go when you've got to our defensive corps like the capitals do this year what offensively minded players like Mike Green Dennis Wideman. Then you've got to John Carlson and Karl all her to. Up and coming young players that are going to be superstars in this league for a long time to come you've got John Erskine back there to provide that big physical presence. This team has pretty much rock solid on defense and dot. You know last year they proved they changed their style mid season they played a strong defensive style of game and that really led them. Too while the best record in the best point most points in the Eastern Conference. They certainly look great on Paper and they've. Like you said -- analog to bolts of things this season but as far as that defensive. The defense goes do you think anybody might be cracking the lineup. Come training camp. I think it's going to be -- back on their blue line and as you can see here -- walls -- not only as been able to BA steady steady influence back there for guy I was so young. He can go through transition make it through -- between the blue lines and help jumpstart that offense as well what a guy that you count on -- give up the body in front of his goaltender to make a play. And help his that might make a save and it seems like he's never out of position a guy like John Carlson. He's he's been in big game situations scored the overtime game winner. For the team do you our chief team USA junior team to give them all the gold over team Canada so. Not to get flustered so this is these are the building blocks and the staples of a solid franchise in terms of blue line play and John Carlson has grown. I think there have been some players like a books like that have been able to help. Both of these young guys in that locker room. Give them the -- that -- leadership that they need in terms of all learning on the fly of course they've got American Hockey League experience as well but. You know a guy like looks like who just signed up our brand new contract to stay here in DC. Great influence inside that dressing. And we're certainly looking forward to tomorrow's event over at Cadillac. And thank you so much Steve for joining us we got to get out of air tennis every -- here live at noon. Washington times presenting -- and. It's gonna be a great time don't miss it for thirty face off. Team our team Virginia against team Maryland some great items and some special surprises as well. The -- and I'm excited about it doesn't like surprises. But to an extent. CSN Washington dot com.



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