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Kastles-Sportimes match highlights-7/20



  1. Leander Paes0:11
  2. Martina Hingis0:17
  3. Philadelphia1:06
  4. Washington0:05, 1:10
  5. Bobby Reynolds0:55
Wed, 20 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. -- way I was feeling good during the dog He has the Washington Capitals look to improve to fourteen you know a little irony here what time I thought about -- Through play with -- Leander Paes and mixed doubles lost Williams returned to serve the area have to think this when. 51 in women's singles drifting on Martina Hingis hit it and it. I -- -- what all went back to get the ball over the net Hingis will short drop and Serena. With the -- they're trying to. I sequence quit school in the loop I -- that -- very well in our momentum. The women's doubles not Hingis and Serena on the run once again Williams. This time it. In the end up going into the billboard right there hello. Should be OK for the capitals lose the point. However they win the event by three capped the eight to eleven going into the finale. Bobby Reynolds for an example to show men's singles in the tiebreak Jesse Witten. Hit it into the net. And the capitals went 2315. Player Philadelphia thirteen. And OZ. -- in Washington dot com.

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