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Kastles-Sportimes match highlights-7/19



  1. Martina Hingis0:43
  2. Selena0:42
  3. Venus0:50
  4. Bulls0:32
  5. Washington0:04, 0:33, 1:03
  6. New York0:26
  7. beat saint0:55
Wed, 20 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. I'm sick and tired of people not giving the Washington Capitals the credit they deserve -- anyone here realize anyone they're undefeated this season. And -- the overwhelming favorites to in the world team tennis championship for the second time in franchise history. Yeah that's. -- kept us. So I don't get Malone in the studio -- sound. Yeah let's go so it's. Their -- Williams in New York last night for a match against sport times. -- the first -- bit rusty at the beginning of next up. Bulls and Washington loses 54. She recovers in women's doubles drawing cheers from the sellout crowd after the -- -- -- -- five to fit the main event. Selena facing Martina Hingis top -- arena. Great backhand winner. Yeah just inside. Venus would battle back -- on set point Martinez shot is wide Serena beat saint it's 53 and the castles. Stay undefeated winning 41. Z -- in Washington dot com.