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Russ Thaler talks with Murphy Jensen after Kastles win over Capitals-7/18



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Mon, 18 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com. Murphy Jensen ladies -- eleven NL and arena or do you know what time -- -- out. That was a little. There were -- she didn't exactly and asked -- to do is go -- on this thing I have at this her sister coaching usually say Adam this particular team but. I know that girls -- great tennis player before she ever came -- seasons winning a lot of matches. We study their statistics and knows she can win. It's taken a few days to get comfortable with the crowd and now and -- she's one of us. And she's doing man her sister on the stock He was here too can we be seeing a -- you know airing on the task at some point I think anything's possible. Here in Washington DC and that's why here. That'd be pretty special you know it's it's really funny. -- have -- system watching them practice today earlier in the day reminds me when my brother and I. And we push each other in such a way that our performance was. You can't even if you're not getting lonely figure radio Brothers sisters. In his last night. Okay now you move to new York and suddenly Serena Williams -- -- -- to dismiss the question now what do I do well when they do it's well. In the -- well I don't wanna play it -- hot rod Manny and Obama. -- the world no my plans -- -- is gonna keep going. CSN Washington dot com.