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Redskins Nation: Fan Forum - Vince Young, Dan Snyder and Free Agency-7/18



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Mon, 18 Jul 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Our top of the they have formally answer any questions we do this every single day of the week. First question of the show is from Wally is the -- supper claimed 45 year old -- Pennsylvania redskin fans. Is that Larry why -- the Redskins be interest that it Vince Young. As a member of the table all apology -- the Tennessee they saw in person what kind of professional this man is in the game the Redskins. Beat the Titans it don't you think one Albert Haynesworth a year is enough. That's Wally is the 45 year old central Pennsylvania Redskins -- -- to it what. They why you might be interested -- the guy has got a lot of talent potential as a young guy got a lot of talent a lot of unfulfilled potential but. I will also agree with you given him the benefit benefit of the doubt. But will He fit the bill with this football team do you wanna bring someone in. Are -- not a lot of percent sure of is a great teammate and we saw what happened with -- young last year again I don't know him. But to hear and see what happened with them up throwing his pads out walking out on the team basically have a about what his coach. At a moment when the Redskins beat Tennessee last year Tennessee still was not eliminated from the playoffs. And He just -- so. The mental side of things is something you got to worry about the -- on the physical side this guy's got all the tell the world to make the right coach He could become a great quarterback in the NFL. Saw I get both sides to that story -- thank you for the -- Wally is eight. More from Brian from old these cities is Larry why hasn't mr. -- have been involved. In the owners' meetings we've seen Jerry Jones Redskins -- select -- -- this -- they are more involved. And the lockout negotiations I don't know what the protocol is I did all that Bill Snyder is involved. With a lot of and a bowl committees he's on the broadcasting committees on the digital means a lot of these committees and maybe he's not. On the labor negotiation committee I'm not quite sure why he's not directly involved like some of these owners other owners are but I know He hasn't -- the results of form as well. Think -- -- spread yourself so thin in terms of what you're involved with. But thank you for the email nonetheless Brian. If it's here as one sign Dallas -- okay and I'm entertained by this what it's a little of the show. -- that's that I must say I'm 251. I think Washington Redskins I think Santana Moss I think Chris Cooley and dare I say I think Clinton Portis. I love me some -- He says I for the future of the skins and I cannot wait. I don't want to walk out of over the -- pulled one of the first to pick up and take off. All all the Redskins -- the troops and bless you Larry as well that's the Dallas hater rating in so. What they we've heard a lot about the Redskins over the last week ten days when free agency hits. The Redskins will be very aggressive they're always aggressive in free agency. But maybe about the way that a lot of fans have been used to in terms of the -- big name high money picks Redskins have needs a lot of different areas and I know. Haven't talked the coaching staff they had a plan in place. Forward free agency was supposed to hit. And the change here is the Redskins have had a draft the draft DePaul players all of the needs have been addressed in the -- but not all of them certainly after winning six games last year this team still needs to get better so. I got a great trust of Mike Shanahan in Brazil to go out and get quantity and quality. When it comes to free agency. O line position I think needs to bolster the most. Lot of folks think it's the opposite DeAngelo Hall got a couple guys on the roster now that could fit that bill could be a free agent we'll talk about that later this week she is in Washington dot com.

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