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Lunchbox Live 7/18: Ivan and Ryan talk NFL lockout and free agency, plus did the U.S. Women choke?



CSN Washington dot com. A happy Monday hoping that a good and -- weekend -- at a good time myself -- knows -- one team. This -- mark slots and about The Washington Times Ivan Carter -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com. Take a look at the menus we touch on a few topics and but to the disappointment yesterday that ladies team USA go down in Japan -- -- upset. Big big moment for Japan means a lot to those women from the country and with our country's been through. May be lost on us talk about the ratings is pretty pretty through our eight point six. With that says about it. Cause of the sport will talk about that. It was -- -- and I -- yeah I hope to finally give us lockout taking care of when that's over what it means for you Redskins and Ravens fans -- -- yesterday first. All. That's so I don't want. I wanna give credit Japan. National want to do Chihuahua it's. All. Intents and uncle and a crossbar outlawed but still it's. You blow one lead to. Her that's what's. Experience used. To. Shoot. Two or three shots. I don't know if you can you can argue. You -- back first to settle down but that you always want to keep active person I guess Kelly actually supposed to go. Had. A couple things. Obviously this. Sport but. There's those -- to where I should play in. Defense in -- -- couple terrible mistakes that's the cultural just can't do. Secular searcher was it was a reserve who was just got in the game -- -- -- that -- -- Question you once one as the first shooter Justin kitchens that we especially when you're shooting first. -- See that's that's the word. -- But it's I mean -- that might be fair. This is the Matt -- It was it'll kill. And if you wanna talk -- equality and women's sports and strive for. -- -- option if especially. Since that's where. Those US men. We scored five. It would lose expect them to number one and number one race in the world they got rid of the chief rival Brazil. Got a break when host country. -- really. Excuses. It is. The class and let the underdogs stay long enough. -- Break it's -- the first and execute cork perfectly. -- that for those players as hearts prop up at all backwards that it reports that the dog that. What you got what you were great players and she's the Eagles. She's still a world of cycle hopes although good name for itself and the yards totally out more going to be a superstar. She's 21 old. -- -- She's all very attractive. Marketable so her future leader -- When He -- 21. -- on the US national team -- in struggling with the Russians are. Utley. Out and wise. You know from -- -- mean this is the first two units that raises. Volvo United States that they say it's it's it's that way -- native country it's. Square. Who knows how many people watched him -- -- -- -- injuries but. I don't see him on were were those -- want to necessities. It's worked its parts of the day's news and that's going to be. When I got it wouldn't win that so keep it. It's good for them as good as. Wards of the women's sports -- it -- twelve record yesterday tweeting about it. Ironically aboard Super Bowl ratings better than they point six and then -- the World Series. Now it's an event. I don't know how much true indicator. At the very least is a lot of young girls out there and walk up to this group women as they go -- their athletic careers so that's all good they'll have more thoughts about it on my show later Bob Clarke. Job Bornstein at left penalty kicks. In that sort of Asarco last week but He says He likes it would debate that I don't have a problem penalty kicks on. Those three big games -- watch this weekend. You're quiet Argentina was decided on that and resumed yesterday as -- right after. USA match that was Belichick's old it's a hot topic I don't have a -- a 120 minutes. You know I would I would I would vote for either golden goal but -- -- -- because it just it's just weird watching at a -- and that's was in overtime. -- scored and you play match yeah chin action and I -- should then what happens to have Mickelson yeah like but also 220. Especially on the -- side he's got to play all that. So delicate surprise disappointment of a sudden death than politics but. From the US perspective. Does the format benefit of that is present nine now and back in 99 -- -- so fun to play -- part -- that end up. Of course the next big news for hopefully the focus -- FL lockout. It is it appears that they're just sort with it and winning -- -- it is expected them. -- -- Yeah that's it's it's interesting to see that time it was easier ramifications here approvals of the owners convene in Atlanta on Thursday I think that's when you for the deal. Then during that same -- you know Phil Hughes. He reps that are -- I'll I'll go Friday. Twelve noon the NFL's open as I say it's Friday. At 615. Because that -- -- you know 530. Let's that's that's that's enough on April doing Ted -- got to come back Friday night you know who play and that's that's the job the way it goes but that should be done -- that. At that point. You've got guys and you say and then you have to figure that time Ortiz is an exclusive negotiating with your own guys. It's free agency start five days later sixties there. I think the Redskins missed most of camp when. Tough. I think maybe August 1 -- champions but we're ever out here offseason work out what's what's requirement argued regular to a day. What -- it negotiable points system.



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