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Kelli Johnson reports on Clemens mistrial from the courthouse-7/14



She lives in Washington dot com. Kelly what what what what happened. You can give us an idea of what went wrong the prosecution should just make a sophomore mistake here. Yeah prosecution made a horrendous error. The judge as you mentioned warn them multiple times not -- video testimony involving Laura pet it's. Statements made it congress back in 2008. They did just that He halted proceedings immediately even -- four Rusty Hardin. You lead attorney of course Roger Clemens could have jacked. And declared this a missed Riley felt that this evidence. Could affect of the jurors opinions really -- any Patty Duke who recalls a key witness saying that it can bolster his credibility in the jurors' eyes and He felt like there was no going back once you bring about aching and -- it. And in his mind this testimony. Was not going to give Clemens a fair trial so. Now we see what happens going forward with this September 2 hearing to decide whether to hold a new trial or not of course hot -- is going to argue double jeopardy which we all now. Mean that a person cannot be prosecuted twice for the same crime. Is it possible prosecution didn't like this jury. And they did this on purpose to get this thing sold out that you get a more favorable -- tell me that they just weren't that that incompetence here. Well played the judge set a first year lost student would make this kind of -- I mean this is egregious I don't think it has anything to do with whether they like the jury or not because they are wasting not only. The government's money. Taxpayers' money. But a whole lot of time good judge also apologize to the jury for wasting their time. This is seen as obviously a very bad move on the government's part. And it may end up that Roger Clemens walks free they declared double jeopardy witnesses have been called usually when that takes place. Jeopardy comes into play that's what Harden is gonna say the government's gonna wanna retry Clemens. But this may be such a bad error in judgment on their part that they move forward and by September 2 Roger Clemens is the premium. CSN Washington dot com.



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