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Walker and Steinberg debate Redskins WR needs, Donovan McNabb, and James Harrison-7/14



  1. Jammal Brown0:32
  2. Santana Moss0:12
  3. James Harrison2:28
  4. Kerry Collins1:25
  5. Albert Haynesworth3:53
  6. Vince Young1:28
  7. Anthony Armstrong0:10
  8. Jake Locker1:24
  9. New England3:12
  10. the reds2:07
Thu, 14 Jul 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. They tell Anthony Armstrong last year we'll see what He Santana Moss is back about what. Equities is someone says the biggest need on this team as wide receiver dad. I don't think that anyone could really argue that on them hopefully -- that. It's weakening an argument here and that's not my work -- some sort of I think it's it's a clear need on the offensive side but I think that you got so many big needs and -- as a quarterback you've got -- linebacker thing you've got great tackle who live in the Jammal Brown we -- here it's certainly one of those a lot of -- it's certainly one of the biggest news. Is it that you can get the big guys but you also the chance to get a playmaker do you think it's a big need practically -- because they have -- chance to look at other Henderson a normal. Rookie Austin's field without seeing Mickelson Henderson could play. But what you need to do right now is stabilized in did you quarterback. In the position to be successful He can't be successful without time -- so it wouldn't matter if you could bring bag went through and so you can bring that Charley Taylor. You can bring back Bobby mentioned you can bring them back. -- -- involved -- all of this guy does He couldn't you know keep that we have arguably got through them all as either assume. Would you say -- to jump back on us and this guy threw the ball last year Don McNabb now it appears he's not going to be here. I think he's an ideal fit for Tennessee they've young Jake Locker thinking that Kerry Collins retired the trying to get -- Pass than the Vince Young what do you like it not the controversy there and I think Tennessee's a perfect fit for him what you think. I think it is -- perfect of the things I still beat it wanna put there wasn't in Minnesota I think it's I think that's -- -- doesn't ponder is there another young guy that exactly we've been hearing we've been hearing about that would for so long established since it could be a fit. Arizona adopt we feel anything he's done and I was just way too he's going to go when his talent. We -- not going to see him on Minnesota by an option on one Minnesota from one to Arizona before I go that's my last -- Tennessee seven sisco -- He was obstinacy. Really they don't have speed. Some of the talent they got one got a -- feel good reason trouble. I think I mean I think the thing that all the guys on the reds is upset about devastated still winnable it is filling its look at it downfield a little -- just -- those targets -- -- -- -- national -- or fourth round fifth round pick underdog two you're optimistic their rhythm a look at 67 Minneapolis side. I think trying to -- or why would you give them anything when you go to position they're in and out of the position -- -- -- out no leverage oh -- under. Well -- a big story James Harrison of course it's a very controversial comments about the commissioner also was teammates. When there's people say maybe he's lost locker room full Roethlisberger on the -- stock. And -- -- man known the boss is this -- always lost teammates for not at all because now on his side and ball. If He had been critical about somebody in his meeting room -- -- and me we guys is another side of ball He didn't have very little contact -- guys in the NL scared him. It in a lot of things he's it was true unfortunately. Homophobic reference as some of the things He -- the level most parity that now -- not listen would you say it wouldn't say it was -- About a number of things but He kind of blew it is kind of the way you do it if you don't need to take your voice to make a point made the point. The point is well taken New England cheated. The tapes and mysteriously got away. 500000 dollar fine you know give these kids are not all warranted you know He had that you when He -- a guy one way the cards are ardent -- the -- we don't understand there's a lot of and a product of this group the sled dog to my right if I couldn't say. He's an artist. We -- -- without -- that Lester was don't have with Albert is a question the guys on the opposite side were completely sick of answering questions on our hands -- one that I can create destruction for entire locker I don't think it's a distraction locker room and guys -- used to it is not as big -- thing as you think it is inside. Most guys care about think about themselves and their job and -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- of -- -- -- Chris -- if you was not sick of that though he's at the special you think it to Albert Haynesworth is a reason why they score more points. I think I think that it did help contribute to the downwards into all of you like Beckett looks aggregate cost me it hadn't been an issue -- that often -- a -- zero off it. Distractions happen in the outside world people don't get. Players understand that -- that -- comes in based on what they do. That a guy has already been paid -- your game off. CSN Washington dot com.

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