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Former U.S. attorney, Joe Digenova, on the Clemens mistrial-7/14



CSN Washington dot com. I'm back to our top story of the day the Roger Clemens perjury case in the judge declares a -- trial because the prosecution showed the jury evidence that have been ruled. It admissible. -- -- District of Columbia Joseph DiGenova joins -- now on the phone. And -- that you and you were not trying in this case but why in the world but the prosecution Joseph have been given a warning and a pretrial hearing. To not bring a certain evidence. Bring up evidence that was clearly identified as not aloud why. Well it appears to have been an accident because at that. The policy think they would be in the courtroom inevitable and the screens and computers they have all the documents. That are alone awful but it wouldn't for the -- the beat him and apparently. Doing it and thought but one of the fact that it -- been exposed to. On the screen. And that your first thought and were able completed a considerable period of time and judge it previously ruled that it is that important. -- there has -- -- by that logic I mean basically the equipment with a wire. And that is the -- And the fact that it's much zone in the court probe and it was on by the government put the -- -- very. The should be put it in jeopardy. When the curious we wanted. Double jeopardy a bit the bullet and because He -- -- trial it is very wealthy but a -- equipment debate is over. Amazing that modern technology may have caused this or at least help in the cost if they're allowed to retry this case and find that out on September 2. How much tougher what the case be to try for the prosecution and can get get a conviction. Well that it it'll be the same -- is that there's there's is -- if they're lucky enough yet but I'd say at the end. I assume they're gonna be very careful about how they used to it now in the courtroom. That's the only it is difficult it perjury is very hard group. My guess is that the debate this unit but they're going to be able to try to every bit because under the law what. Happened here put the responsibility of the government they are pulling for. And what that -- the jury and it quote we had two days of testimony but it's already. I'm that this guy is going to be very difficult position allowing the is that dope forwarded the I guess that the supplement. Has created this monstrous situation for itself here eight if they are a lot you know get try to and it's but it is a -- disprove it would have been today. CSN Washington dot com.



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