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Lunchbox Live: Who will make a bigger difference at Maryland: Edsall or Turgeon? -7/14



CSN Washington dot com. Good afternoon and welcome who wants back slackers and by The Washington Times I'm Brian Jackson joined here by. Washington times college sports reporter. Patrick Stevens and today which we're gonna get into a couple of different topic -- -- the menu what we get -- pat coming up this afternoon. And get into. Who's gonna make a big impact at Maryland is it going to be Mark Turgeon bats while cold or windy -- so the football coach. Also we're gonna ask you know did Jordan wings make the right move leaving Maryland. To go into the NBA draft and also look at the new basketball coach is -- GW. George Mason and navy of course so with that. Maryland's new football program -- their coach and you had Justin Lewis kicked off the team. Since that week or so ago. And now makes eleven players who have you know he'd have been dismissed from the team whoever left the program since -- took over in January that something that we should be concerned about. I think in some ways when you look over the course of the season there's probably some guys in their Lewis really being near the top of that list. Of guys that are -- that would have either been starters -- would have provided some depth. I think that that's the sort of thing that once you get yourself October November in the injuries are piling up. That there's going to be points where you're gonna say man it would might help to have had player -- player why -- And also obviously he's at who is the only coach in Maryland also brought in Mark Turgeon so. Between the two coaches who -- people had a big impact. In night in the next season -- what we -- the first season and who do you think -- have the bigger impact for the worn down the -- well I think initially you're looking at a football program that at least has the building blocks of at least beatable team if not somebody that might even contend for division title if things break right. -- quarterback and Danny O'Brien you look on the defense side apparently can't take Demetrius Hartsfield. Joseph along though AJ Francis all those guys are back so you're looking there. As situation where. -- -- They could probably pretty decent this year whereas you look at the -- basketball program not only we lost Jordan Williams only nine scholarship players at this point. For Mark Turgeon its first season and it's going to be a struggle I think for him in your ones so I think your initial impact. Is you look at you look at it and say -- probably gonna have a of greater impact in year one. But going forward you look at the stat that mark -- got that assembled. On guys like an opportunity Delonte hill scotsman LE. Obviously keep -- Branson. And they're obviously getting after recruiting wise so. I think overall that's a situation that could really might have a greater upside I think for Maryland in the long -- Now we off. Mentioned -- briefly you know one you know would have been great. Behave. If Terry I would came back and and I had Jordan Williams to work with. But Jordan Williams ended up being drafted in the second round by the New Jersey Nets didn't think it was worked him know we're going his cup final couple years and going to the draft. It depends on on them what sort of scoping wanna look at that way. You look at it from simply -- what you go in the second round you don't have a guaranteed contract is that really the greatest idea. And so you can certainly second -- Jordan Williams for his decision to turn pro at that point at the same time start thinking about the guys that are probably going to be. In that draft next year the -- soldiers Harrison Barnes I think that I think that. Williams gonna come back had a really good season and on lower next year regardless so I think that. -- for a guy that it wanted to wanted to move on wanted to start as professional career obviously not ideal that He winds up. In the second round but at the same time. That might have been about as good as things we're gonna turn out either this year next year so what is the realistic goal tortured and Maryland -- program -- the move I was -- -- think -- probably don't think there's an eternity is an IT. Even a legitimate goal it could be -- mean the thing is as the season and people don't wanna start thinking about this already by. The league itself is it might be just just as weak as it was a year ago at top of the league's going to be great right now you have north Carolina's going to be national title contender dukes and he's very good. Florida State I think can be a top point five team to learning it takes over really solid situationally and in. But you start getting into the bottom half of the league. And you've got some problems and there are some teams that are that are left with not a whole lot to work Wake Forest wasn't any good last year Clemson -- Clemson lost a lot of people still be okay. But Boston College Georgia Tech no -- going to be able to win a few league games simply because they're not the only team that's that's been wiped out. But overall I think it's going to be I think if I was a Maryland fan I would be looking at a saying this that -- 500 ish season maybe a little bit better. And when you hit -- and it probably not -- -- And also mallet isn't the only local program that's great and a couple of new coaches also basketball wise. Maybe as the new head coach George Mason as the -- head coach UW has coached in Maryland and Georgetown brought in key. Assistance. An option He can recruit. So what do you think has the advantage heading into the next couple of years recruiting wise and this is a bit of talent that we have an -- Well I think when you look at Maryland and you got the want to take hill you know guided obviously has a great reputation for for being a solid worker beyond the -- workers are really. On and I think that that's the guy that really has the chance to make it nine difference. Four Merrill obviously Alex but Nellie has ties around here as well and -- the guy that. Of their game in Baltimore grew up there all that so you take all that stuff together and I really think it that Maryland. As a a really strong recruiting ups and also get a few of those other schools mentioned. In George Mason brings in Paul family who has an excellent reputation as a -- you think of all the NBA guys come through Georgia Tech over the last decade yourself. But I think. One of the interesting things in talking to -- is is that he's going to try at least He hopes to try. To be able to use the DC area as sort of the attraction for international workers mean things about some of the some of the guys thinking through W in the -- and whatnot. I think that's something he's really trying to focus on a lot it'll be interesting to see exactly what He does both with the international -- And also he's got a lot of times opened the New York area as well coached them that's you know. And so that that's really an interesting thing there -- switch over to George Washington Mike lonergan is a guy local. -- through and through coach to Catholic assistant at Maryland played Catholic. On and I think he's gonna be interesting to see him kinda go ahead and and and if it is that shot locally as well and you can tell -- gonna do that. A one of the assistants He hired Kevin Sutton a guy with highs to -- -- programs one night in the coach -- -- Adam again Florida for the last several years. So I think lonergan -- -- guy steps into a situation where He takes over decent roster. And I think that overall. That he's gonna basically be -- focus and a lot locally. On in terms of being able to look to build things up and try to get W back in the top two or three in the Atlantic ten here in your future. And also makes you do EC you know the five sixteenths locally how many things do you foresee -- can turn. Possibly is it you know -- if anything's possible but I think I think the team to really watch is going to be George Mason. Even though they've lost cam long it was a sixth man Isaiah -- Luke Hancock transfers Louisville. But there's a lot left over they got the front court of Ryan Pearson and Mike Morse and and also. You look at you look at the backcourt situation ever met Andre Cornelius a guy I really like I think he's gonna make a big difference for them next year missed last year with -- -- shall rock right. And I think He stepped back and and I think that -- winds up certainly heading into this season if not the favorite in the colonial and certainly. You know top two possibility there and I think that they would probably stand out. -- the most likely team. To be able to make the tournament you look at some of the other teams Merrill obviously lost a lot blustery seniors lost or -- Georgetown loses Austin Freeman and Chris Wright. So there's there's obviously some pieces to fill in there. On George Washington's a team last year they really did a good job of beating everybody they were supposed to be -- when it when you look up and down. Exactly who they knocked off there weren't a lot of teams or all that -- so they've still got some work to do there. On and then I think you know looking down the road a little bit. This could be year that if things break right you might be able to see Virginia emerging a little bit closer to being an NCAA tournament team Michael -- necessarily happens this year but given the state of the league. I think Tony Bennett probably a little bit ahead of the curve with the about Vietnam rebuilding. He's already been able to do his first two years Charles. We'll come at a later point somewhere shows here with Comcast sports net didn't I don't Ivan Carter would -- one with Maryland. Starting quarterback Danny O'Brien and also breaking news coming out the Roger Clemens trial was just -- a mistrial so we'll have more provision that. At 5610. And 11 o'clock. Once -- Brian Jackson joined by The Washington Times Patrick Stevens. -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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