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Golf channel's Frank Nobilo and Steve Sands break down the course at Royal St. George's-7/13



CSN Washington dot com. All right thank you frank royal saint George's hosting the oldest major championship in the sport the 140 open championship for the fourteenth time being played here. On these links the southeast coast of England. But the players -- a store for them over the next four days a real challenge Steve this golf courses with this golf courses in the -- south of Scotland for an open championship. And -- of since that period of time and that sort of been maligned -- you know people sit well it's too quirky it's too bumpy it's too easily spot. This year I think that go to -- if it was a little want to -- some pounding that's been a little reduced velocity is the bunkers are little more severe but I think the course plays that. Did -- the right -- -- -- scoring it is a good it is it's not on overly long Sorenson 100 yards positive things in -- it gives -- to -- -- That said and done it's still links golf and I think links golf is the biggest challenge the place. Irrespective with a come from that's going to be the biggest challenge for the Gaza the next wouldn't adapting to links golf scene of scene is set up over the last couple days what the players will face does it favor. You could look at a lot of different life some people saying you wouldn't for one play I really think it's about an attitude adjustment Steve plays on both sides of the Atlantic now they play the strike I'm for an enormous amount of money. We know them well and to -- to Chicago rank -- one -- this is really about a warm church and this is about getting a bad bounce games and at Mitchell actually on in the round. Hitting a good shot that doesn't get a good result following yourself plugged in the bunker all of those things. Then again it's like Fordyce 211 in the and it's gonna come in hot that at all thing you know you just who's got who's gonna tough it out for four rounds in my major championship give us two names. Two times I wished what's been on the took LaMont Thompson society US for ya gotta gotta the logical one next is to sort of go we don't number one in the world an ideal would shock. While I'm not real I'm still looking for a look at the angle Cabrera Italy and on. There are heroes for the money being ninety Dustin Johnson so yesterday today -- -- spot look at all the -- -- hedging my bets that -- Frank -- -- -- it's going to be a very special week here. -- the 140 open championship how's the back side are Comcast sports net studio. CSN Washington dot com.



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