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Jill Sorenson reports on Roger Clemens' perjury trial-7/13



CSN Washington dot com. Roger Clemens and his defense team arrived here at approximately 8:30 in the morning and the day in court began with an opening statement. By prosecuting attorney Stephen Dunham. Now his most eye opening announcement was that the prosecution possesses physical evidence cotton balls and needles with Roger clemens' DNA on it. Courtesy of -- coach Brian McNamee. Defense counsel Rusty Hardin is opening statement lasted about an hour in which he's said the defense will show McNamee. Fabricated that physical evidence and that McNamee is lies are the only evidence on which the prosecution can rely. The prosecution and called three witnesses whose testimony senator around congressional authority in relation to this case. And also the legality -- particulars. Of Roger clemens' deposition and congressional testimony in February of 2008. Judge Reggie Walton adjourned the session at 5 PM and the parties will reconvene Thursday morning at 915. From the US district courthouse in Washington DC Jill Sorenson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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