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Remember when Ivan Carter battled Marta and Abby Wambach?-7/13



Csnwashington.com. About a half and then and well. I heard that we have a few people I don't know a thirty game Diana I did bring out this guy on and Martin Elliott in talking about an inning -- just doesn't post that helps. I don't know -- that well that you know. -- need gloves this Jersey represented us well a lot. -- -- -- As a warmup. Sterger is the only one more -- know. Another one and it's okay tell me or -- Ha ha. John and -- it shouldn't -- What do you think. -- -- Oh man I guess but I Warriors -- -- name miss some of those you know and you and that -- in nine and but it figures yeah I was out for you. I have one of the best goalkeepers in the world from Canada -- -- -- -- -- he's healthy and see how do you easier than and then I have to say I don't have to about shootings and I think if you shot. It was -- it. -- wood and -- Washington Freedom goal keeper also the national tournament of Canada pretty cool get ready for the World Cup next year we'll see about that qualifier. Now. And how can give me some techniques yeah I think you're you got to -- keep it front and honest but I before every training session campuses that they test -- what. Okay what does that do this puts a little more accurate in Portland the group -- yet -- you're -- yeah it was good. The positive first step up and then with your feet when that you are seeing yeah. Where that went okay so children with a partner try to keep your weight shall explored. They sent the ball. And it just move your feet -- -- And pretty much if you can't get anything that running you die. And when you -- -- -- with two hands everywhere you go just in the moment and don't wanna try to catch it or if I can't just. Usually over -- -- well we don't want rebounds rank lot cat is like one has -- a lot of shots it definitely. That's -- shooting. -- but it -- second call you probably wanted to -- as much as a I mean I'd realistically you would catch it. Cool cool no real fast who've gotten tougher shot. Who -- Yeah well hardest shot and cat probably is right up there. -- Well yeah day. She didn't win shares. Okay. How do you think you're reading and charter and try to guess basically pretty much just going. -- Unbelievable. -- yeah. Didn't yeah. You are right don't know where they like to teach me. I got some work on. Better than hockey at least we -- they went under bunea. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. World Cup1:19
  2. Warriors0:50
  3. Portland1:37
  4. Canada0:59, 1:17
  5. Jersey0:16
  6. Washington1:14, 3:15
  7. goal keeper1:15
  8. training session1:29
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