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Caps' new signee Mattias Sjogren after day 1 of Caps development camp-7/11



CSN Washington dot com. Anyway compression Pistons -- Darren. Know these you know impressive because -- -- the -- professional when He came over there. -- take care of useful news. How He. To Washington any viewing history as a gradual. -- -- -- I think it's good for me to come over here and -- those -- coaches have seen me play any ideas so. It's a way to show me showed them -- power play and both can adjust and an assistant. And news. And I don't know we have some of the -- myself. I was a lot of adjustments. Takes a -- to. The unit to make some combined. Thank you. And they. Did their own way it's come Aaron nowadays. It's a -- for -- to -- more conservative off with the team how is just so quick cameramen a great season last year so. Maybe it's good cost me two and they have those two guys can make this series goes so quick. You top marks on this particular emphasis on the court. This first time. Yet talked to him and asked him bonus than what they do and know what happened this week so and hand -- it's. What. -- -- -- Think I'm more of defense again whether Alou tries to do. Improve my off season Kaman and toughness and play as tough they're physical game. Like okay. Yeah. Australia it's my -- good game and then flew home. Suits them. I'm just here and try to be everywhere remembers the sooner -- have to be -- Dolphins defense all. You beat yourself Patriots as well. We'll see I don't know yet. Probably assets have some stuff to adjust to when you got to -- They sent him removed most of time last year and a couple of games in my team tries that's news from two of the most of time and then national team. You knew what should keep okay Winger -- was -- -- I think. You feel the pressure but. Norm I'm ready to come Moreira in this sense except to pressure and try to do it. CSN Washington dot com and.



  1. Kaman1:59
  2. Pistons0:05
  3. Dolphins2:24
  4. Washington0:00, 0:23, 3:25
  5. Patriots2:29
  6. Australia2:11
  7. power play0:38
  8. flew home2:14
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