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CSN Washington dot com. Which I didn't Carter he's. We've been advised -- auto -- four. Put it for fun stuff there and Germany yesterday in my overall rating lists the Michael I get a little carried away sometimes what you said is the biggest thing for -- 1984. US it was a tough match is a little soft pop up and down I mean we're looking at maybe since last year map of how well that I'm -- it was an ankle and Donovan. That you -- Beckel said. In very different because you know it. Want that ball prolong the game. Who kept the US team alive whereas dominance goal. You know what lifted them. To what they needed in in a do or die game so you know very different but equally dramatic and you see the reactions around the country whether it's on Twitter FaceBook. And on TV you know people reacted to this and you know soccer is one -- the only sport where. It represents our country on a regular basis I mean their sports and Olympics that's every four years there of world championships and different things. But soccer is you know continuous whether it's a women's World -- first World Cup qualifying. It's some kind of international competition there's always a presence of soccer on the international stage and represent our country it represents. Our work ethic ideals you saw yesterday with the women's team who were down there to the player the rest. It felt like there against him maybe -- Ballesteros. You have had a while back present all over a hundred international goals never won a World Cup. She gets that -- also have to Ferguson the desperation of phase. Hope Solo with the saves Longley at Washington Freedom house it was it was pretty Mays nodded to -- up quickly though yet. I wondered about that. Lots -- tickets -- -- emotionally and physically but if you play in France Q it's been very good throughout this tournament. The Frandsen and Japan have been superb. So the US won this -- dramatic fashion but the reality is they haven't played great soccer overall. -- had a lot of problems in the group stage now they're playing a team that's connected very well move the ball around. Exquisitely. Result of former Washington Freedom player on that team to -- on your bombed a story and this is to be a very difficult game for the US again. You would think they would prevail based on their experience in the situation but. This is not this is not what you -- -- case against. CSN Washington dot com.



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