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Lunchbox Live: NFL lockout, Nats, and Bryce Harper-7/11



Easiest Washington dot com. -- today. It looks like now the deadlines the 21 the owners meetings in Atlanta in the sticking points seems to be the rookie wage scale. Which in all the things I've read -- seen seemed and one thing that when I -- rookies are getting paid too much out of college unproven but now it seems. That the players are worried that if what the owners want. Comes through then they won't it be free agents about four partners against Ivan your thoughts on the rookie wage scale being at this point the big sticking. Yeah I -- I thought that. I was kind of agreement is one thing owners agree on better players that guys came in and never -- anything should make him but your players like. Well you're gonna get that savings hour's -- that winning goal which go back -- us not you in your pocket and you redistribute them money. So it's kind of goals went back to the -- this whole issue. How they divide the pot and they can't seem to know they can't seem to come to a conclusion yet I still think. If they're gonna get this thing done in time to have the majority if not all of the pre season I think it's the owners want to get those two home games. That the that's. 200 million dollars pre season game Bryant as fans -- sometimes tough to watch but there -- revenue stream that these owners and teams count big money. So I still think -- here rhetoric and it's like any negotiation. -- and whatever I I still think there's a chance but at this week. Again. Now one thing that stood out when hearing about sort of the sticking points as of now is that the players are starting to feel that they are making concessions. In the owners -- reciprocating. Now we've. Negotiating all about who has the upper hand is going to fold at the right moment. But at some point prior it's gotta be -- the window and both sides need to realize that teams need to be played his money's going to be lost does that happen this week or does that happen. Next week thank win really incidents are being pushed back in a lot. I'll say this I -- the owners. Think if yours. Is remembered as they've locked players out and plays like that that deal owners that they got some back now because their owners. And that's what they are -- like money they want more. Its legacy of I've gotten used to accept a 65% this mean that you'd take sixty. Or 55. And in the road that -- next week. You should know. -- -- In the it was broken up by six just at some point they're gonna have to realize that they are going to be the best talent they've got to take it at this point of the other problem is. -- it as free agency. Is that can make -- over Paper guys that they otherwise wouldn't because. Be afraid -- -- have this huge offer because it's -- that's very see I got sign it right now -- -- Snyder Communists say. I'm not like the fault is it your team acts is gonna call you and they're gonna do whatever I don't know what their -- is. -- they want to cost them more money -- holding it. It is stupid and lastly just to that point. And one of the things that I saw is that the proposed schedule if things do you play out on the 21 as handshake deal that they wouldn't be able to move along with this season. The way that these dates are stacked up for deadlines for things that happened whether it be restricted free agency on restricted. Camp opens on man roster it's all within about two weeks and these are things that. We are used to seeing and owners and organizations dealing with -- months so I just think. You're gonna start damaging the product of the appointment of August. Injury shortened season since you've been in this restaurant and keep I still think they'll get resolved. As we -- next week what. Again let's hope so so we just stop talking about me it brings out things on the field greens and it is it is but. Wasn't undefeated or was defeated army wanna put it yesterday for US fans but He -- men's soccer and women's soccer fan. Sportsman in general yeah captured America is pretty cool I -- a quick back story I was actually drive I wasn't I was never seen him traveling. And just you know pocket found open Twitter -- spoke whatever. It was incredible to see the response from you know such a wide range of fans and athletes that game and play the lombok. Hatter or the saints' -- so just captured now fans of sports is. Really really cool just because of the attention Brazil very very good team Martell probably the best player in the world shrugged about soccer -- animal period men or women. And and you had a -- down calls are going against them at the right car their third down player. For so long as we want back who played your -- freedom she's actually been on on my -- times -- have a lot of respect for her as an athlete. Artistically hatter in our great cross in the box had today it was systematic use. Unbelievable. And all the stuff gone wrong and then of course extra time -- the that would -- news right here from the area -- knocks in the young winner and is pretty pretty incredible. I think he's got to be pretty cynical person if you can't you don't have to be shocked if they don't even know some people will never give props to women athletes and everything across soccer but. Yesterday that was that was pretty dark. -- it was got you got to. If it it was it was one of those moments and you can tell. Win even the next day it's being matched up in this mornings and ask you is how you feel that that that player that game matches up we're just. Now we get general about top sports moments when. Me think back the men's World Cup the men women thing. The -- indomitable and that play seemed to me just a call and everything it up right there with some of the best. Whether or soccer or just patriotic. A US plays and whether it's a luckier soccer any. It's because of the circumstances yeah -- -- is a really big goal but those group play. This is the quarterfinals against that and all the odds are against them because it was just. It just felt like the are quite positive quickest exit here because every call school that is the the off sides on martz is cold put them up. They were all sizes -- the red Cardinals you know they did admit to retake it only cute. You just what is so when you add all that and do it in the fact that the crowd was so great drives in and they were. You know there -- that the gamesmanship yourself but it was the players to monitor all of them. It dramatic. It was it was on the Lee walked -- more dramatic and Landon Donovan. Question because of what everything they called to a hole played out. As -- cool sporting events I've ever witnessed those really cool. -- who were you upset. With the refs thought that I. Obviously it turned out well I'll let you -- been one of those things we look back today pat -- Bruins. People would have some explaining to do a book it was either wholly incompetent. Or something was going and I never say that about -- -- people whine about. It's a part of the game bad calls -- part of sports. But the way that they play out so going. This house field biased way I'm glad the game. It's played -- the way it did because now we're talking about that and then be really that is eliminated. Cole's greatest and so. It was really cool. There was it was -- out Wednesday of France noon I'll be tuning in and out one and I think. That came -- yesterday like they're not will grab a lot of fans that otherwise would not out of here and in the -- 26 very respectable and more people want to be draft. You know and you're always. I think just because USA ground game Wednesday at noon I don't that does with people click on eleven it went into the weekend if they make it to the final. That to be really be -- a lot lot of people. We'll tune into that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it bashed it soccer is -- -- -- something course like that idiots. CSN Washington dot com. Your thoughts on harper and what you're seeing from this season both on the field and off whether the comments he's made or maybe even cars drive in Phoenix. -- Aston Martin whose futures. I look at the kids got he's got a bright futures and just start. That a humbling is concerned at all for what He seemed shaken off -- care. He's bored with. -- It would be you know I guess would be -- you are better than everybody else. He's a polarizing guy and he's going to be you know that's not a bad thing for sports is gonna have people involved and -- I mean Zachary and Ryan Zimmerman. Who is a very very good baseball player plays for you play Japanese free just solid. Job sizzle -- things. That's his personality is -- personalities -- he's. He's got a unique perspective on things. Just hope that the personality doesn't outweigh your overshadow. What He clearly has and that's talent towards the personality and the things you do. Weathered the in the locker room talking -- media off the field. Over shatter outweighs your production on the field you know then you become just care. The -- it all comes out can apply them Green and then. Everything else you do it doesn't matter you're fine and good natured personality so that's super that's his personality -- waitresses were Brusca. And when he's got a golf player swagger whatever you wanna call it. He's gonna get drilled in the head with a baseball if he's not careful among. Some of his antics and got there laughter. You know -- that -- -- -- while to a personnel hit a home run and will be -- -- you seem to -- -- was fun to -- It will open in the consummate professional this weekend. Had a monument monumental moment they're Jeter at the 2000 came home run my first question. In its something it's been talked about all morning what would you -- with the ball because we know that the fan caught the ball immediately. Said it's Derek Jeter's ball I'm just happy medium answer from a signed ball and getting a lot more. The Yankees gave them sweet forced tickets in the champions we've pressed our own games -- that -- is pretty there were so out of on the organization but. There are an -- that He could've got up to puck thousand dollars for that ball so I'm not a Yankee fans are probably removed from the money. So you think because -- fan of the afternoon Yankee fan it's a guy. The right thing to do you get to me that the team that worked well for the 23 years old He is fully employed as a job and I liked his comment. You know I have a bunch of time in my life to make money but. Once you start to think about it. The economy where we are in terms of jobs in it be nice to have a cushion as someone who is young in the work force right now. A couple of 100000 dollars in the bank for a baseball. Wondered wouldn't it wouldn't hurt. They get respect his decision I respect that He did it that way you know teaches again I -- -- -- me how many Yankee fan I'll probably get some money out. You know to baseball it's not hit it out yourself that's the thing I heard it granted it cal Ripken said he's number I think he's member of the club that said. Once that ball out of the park it's their open it's open and it's -- seven guys have done forty cents oh. How would attempt to -- to give -- -- Yankee fan and then I was able to do and -- to mean Jeter it's a lot of publicity out of it he's cute -- that always got for the month to be forever known as that is gonna get a point two dates. He's gonna work out maybe -- perimeter -- On now he's not wrapped he's pretty life that well let's talk about his life whether on -- -- it is his legacy what -- does. For that is that Jeter or if you widow and what it means I am going. Forward and meet the New York media machine when to fold. Swing I mean it was like oh god you defy god through him which I guess I guess. It's a big open areas as their -- the guys lived a charmed life allegation that -- post about that. He called which -- is good we got -- about is lucky to gently. Now scale very good player. With four World Series first five years or whatever. He walks right into whatever I mean China me good point and be drafted by Cincinnati yet -- the fifth pick yours traffic. He be bitter about it -- a very very good career wouldn't be here there's life can be supermodels. She cucumbers. These commercials. There's cheaters so you think it really comes down -- The fact that He was circumstance. Dream and a talent all there's there's no substitute for being a great insight. You'll you'll know international soccer know that if you play for Manchester United -- god internationally. If you Clippers oh however her. Secondly -- I just I was impressed by the way he's handled things on the fact that she's hitting it may tag and that seems to be smart the biggest. That's glaring fact why he's an old boy drama when Mary. I mean if you're -- annual apply your arguments about -- don't -- tiger Derek -- More women and you'll ever know criticized optimistic. And now as a member of the -- like his good. Everybody thanks for joining us months box -- media and democracy no doubt heard now I'm depressed and -- got a short ball call -- my way. That's -- John Parsons from marginally. And it. CSN Washington dot com.



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