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  2. Derek Jeter0:10
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  4. David Price0:28, 0:57
  5. Chris Miller1:07
  6. World Series0:06
  7. Bronx0:25
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  9. Tigers0:45
Sat, 9 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Hello friends personally here with your CSN Washington update. You know he's done it all five World Series titles twelve time all star five time gold Glover. But Derek Jeter is to -- out doing something no other Yankee has ever done not Ruth Gehrig nor DiMaggio. That's it for 3000. At the rain postponed his shot to reach the milestone Friday. Jeter took advantage of his opportunity on -- sun splash today in the boogie down Bronx. Getting it done off David Price for his 3000 hit but here's the time line. Of Jeter's hit calendar over the years it all started for him back on May the twenty ninth 1995 when He made his debut. On the thirtieth of that year got its personnel Tim Belcher a single to left. His 1000 hit came in 2000 off Detroit Tigers these parts. 2000 -- may 26 2006. Against Scott Elarton did in the eighth Yankee to reach 2000 hits and then of course today. July the -- 2011 against. David Price the home run to left field for the first to reach the mark as the Yankees doing it in front of Yankee days. And that'll do -- for us here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Chris Miller for CSN Washington dot com.

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