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Recapping the Kastles third consecutive win-7/8



  1. Serena Williams0:33, 1:55
  2. John Mack2:45
  3. Michelle Obama0:25
  4. Johnny Mac2:46, 2:56
  5. Springfield Missouri2:27
  6. First Lady0:25
  7. Long Beach2:32
  8. Bobby Reynolds1:58
  9. left handed2:55
  10. central midfielder2:18
Fri, 8 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Everybody I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Russ Baylor and what and night at the -- stadium Serena tickets for Serena. Max and sold out for weeks Dixie deliver. Yeah she delivered the -- delivered the stadium delivered everything sort of conspired to come up -- this. Not a perfect night and and I'm. I know that sounds like a lot but yet First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter's here. Quite a cameo yet not too bad and people for the most -- left them alone I guess the Secret Service had something to do that. Serena Williams comes out very first you know event of the night when Rene Stubbs and wins the women's -- And from there she finishes announcers your book and a great night. For sure I thought she delivered. Just struggled a little bit about it vs Coco -- way. What -- you think it it was the last her last match He thinks is a little tired you know let her footing seemed a little bit off what He was going on there. Well I think first of all lets you critical event always pretty good player and a promising you know young American players about six feet two and hit it on. And so when Serena picked up the pace -- -- like that well let's also be on sponsoring this day she will win. Today. That she comes immediately to the court and it's like a million degrees outside she's giving -- -- to kids that you -- media all the you know before she plays a match. Besides like a little bit of a warmup so. You know Serena how to -- a long day but here's the bottom line. Serena still hasn't with the -- To pull out this great tennis we -- even a match point what was that the best example. Where when everything -- big Serena gets big girl and that's what -- confidence yeah it's the confidence it's the heart though the heart of a champion that Serena had. As and -- she has not lost a -- to watch that tonight. And speaking of not losing that castles are now three you know they beat the lobsters. 25 to ten -- night. You know what he's about their government. What I can say is that they've had Venus and Serena Williams that helps they also had. Bobby Reynolds to these three matches just dominate the men's singles and the end -- paste is. You know I think I keep this secret weapon we think he's the castle sleeper I caught out of the receivers you wouldn't tennis no -- is what I call I call Leander -- the guts and glue. Of the castles he's the kind of the engine for this team that makes ago if you were you know soccer player to be a central midfielder that sort of gets everyone the ball I think that's what He does. For for the Washington -- now they go on the road. You know -- road trip coming up to Springfield Missouri to take on the latest up to Sacramento. To play the capitals out there to them than to Long Beach did to play again before flying home we had a tough stretch coming up these road trip to upon this team together. And we're gonna see what they're made up. When they head out on the. Right now and they'll be back in DC on Tuesday John Mack and Johnny Mac will be back in town. What do you think we'll see them. Not be sir yes. Smacked an out. Yeah I mean McEnroe -- you smile growing up I'm left handed I always wanted to be Johnny Mac I've interviewed him now taught at times I'm still marvel at the -- -- -- -- fifty plus. And I still hangs out there especially doubles and mixed doubles and it's always fun to watch because -- and I had -- -- what can happen. And -- an entertaining night tonight. They are watching you shared a lot and it's used in washed in dot com we have tons of castles coverage articles videos. Keep deadlocked on TSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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