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CSN Washington dot com. Hey everybody welcome to lunch box live presented by The Washington Times. I'm joined and they are very handsome and -- enigmatic co -- -- -- -- enigmatic -- messing up. Sebastien -- I've read over here. And today we're gonna start off on this Friday additions some real tragic happened last night went down in Texas a fan actually plunged to his death. It during a Rangers gained a little ball toss to run and this is the first time has some problems out there dangerously. Yeah chance down I mean you know I gotta gotta -- over the essentials here a chance to own a 39 year old firefighter from brown and Texas. Apparently died at the hospital a few hours later and it's you know especially sad considering sons in attendance with them I mean obviously tragedy. I don't really know what all can be -- I mean to some extent fans are. You know go at their own wrist any Major League ballpark -- or any professional stadium it's just one of those things that I wanted to get a big crowd of people like that together. On sad things can happen and obviously this has happened in the past but you've got to leave it up to the better judgment of the fans and another kind of sad element to it is -- Josh Hamilton is involved he's got. That throws the ball up to the fans and you know whether it you know obviously he'd be there's no guilt in this but I'm sure that that's gonna hang with him for awhile. It's tough to and I you know they usually three or two when players tossing the ball that -- -- ladies and I have children. And so looking guys -- usually well thank you because I've had -- and to me right and it's sure you get caught up in the moment and you're not really paying attention and it does seem like I've taken a look I've never been that's -- actually in particular but. I took a look and maybe maybe the rails a little bit allow. -- wouldn't surprise me though is there's I guess the gap that He felt down there's a little bit of a gap between. Where the pitchers passer when their bullpen. And I'm just surprised it's never been covered because it would seem like it that's something you -- coverage so people don't turn things to -- yeah you know it's Saddam. -- I'm not gonna be one that's -- to lay blame anybody yet and it's just you know kind of tragic confluence of events and you know you see how Far East Allen I think it's you know to a twenty some feet which doesn't sound like that much. But again you know when you're falling. Yeah anyone responsible you know responsive after a ten to fifteen feet UN in Akron had on you know bad things happened so obviously yeah. A a tragic event and at you know what should be a great American pastime summer baseball and Stan -- -- dime and on topic that I like I know you like this on. I know you like the topic specific Crabtree and his Hanson now. I had that -- from an odd Derek Jeter on his clothes and and 3000 -- that 2998 right now and and. You know you guys got that chiseled jaw and he's got a quarter at the man payments -- -- -- -- stated. But you know I like -- sports fan why do I care about their era and I you guys -- I and I icon of this generation baseball. On and obviously you know he's you'll become. A big part a bigger part I guess we should say not a big party -- is -- Yankee history which is. You know equally tied into the history of this nation I mean they are the America's team in baseball and whether you like them or not which. I for one don't you know you can certainly appreciate the Derek Jeter has. You know fulfilled his role as an icon in New York. He makes it fun for people to whether you love him or hate him and -- I think he's also one of those players that. Haters gonna hate you -- so in the end at the end of the day I think it having 3000 hits whenever I'll have more than 3000. But at the end of the day nobody's gonna remember him for how many hits He had because they don't think he's gonna hurt Ty Cobb or anything like that but. He is one of those people that you know is it like he's had against generations He said of playing when you and I were both an elementary school -- and I just as it's really think he's one of those names everybody knows. Another interesting thing for me because I I will admit I was raised in Yankee households was good good. I Yankee fan and he's one of those people that done at a very early in my sponsors months older than my father. Baker up in the mental era and He was just got to -- and so. In in these households in my aunt and uncle -- there is a Yankee -- every single household and hers was always a devotion to Mickey Mantle. And now it's become the middle Jeter room so He again is one of those people -- thirty surpassed. Jeter and these greats like -- Gehrig and DiMaggio hit his name is going to be up there you know referred all -- for the rest of time. Absolutely I mean you say he's not you know going to be yen to. They're not gonna end up remembering Derek Jeter for the numbers I think that's fair you know He came into the league and was a champion right from the jump essentially say you know championships or are what we remember he'll be remembered that it is dropping off -- -- what 26827. -- right now. I think earlier in the 250s -- down in -- Dillon and exactly not killing -- I don't think it's time -- Hang up the spikes just yet but on. You know I need time for him -- you know dropped down in that order them on -- -- -- may not -- European leadoff guy at the Yankees wanted to be what they pretend to be sure and I can see a guy like Derek -- not taking the status you know maybe some -- -- and others on the team I'm. I think he's a character guy and I think. He's a straight shooter so. A character guy doesn't mean I have an ego and you know if you're gonna ask Derek Jeter to hit ninth her -- hate that might damage and some things I don't know that we'll see via the the public display that writing maybe some very you're probably fair yet so let's get over it change things up get over to NFL. I can't make sense that it it seems like every single to say there's some new -- not something new that comes out of you know courts on these decisions whatever. I don't know what they mean let's take -- status on Paper write the UN DH US Circuit Court of Appeals to start out a judge's order lifting the NFL lockout. -- the league a key victory so had this happen maybe two or three weeks ago I think. We all be pretty worried because it. It it really gives a lot of leverage back to the owners. Who are already you know in better financial shape and players -- -- -- really imbalance this negotiation which could have -- more time without football. I think right now it seems like they're so close to a deal that that what's happened earlier today with this are reversal of ruling is He gonna effect I mean it. From all the reports and now I guess there's still sworn to secrecy but -- it now. I mean it looks like this is gonna happen sometime in the next you know five to seven business days this is gonna go down they've essentially agreed to all of the kind of meat and potatoes of it now it's just you know signing you know across the decent on the. But it's interesting -- -- what won fifteen of the lockout and it's it's taken a long time and has. Thrown things off pace that has taken its toll. And I think it'll be interesting to see how it impacts the season because I don't know about you but I never believed that there wouldn't be an NFL season and I still don't believe that there won't be an NFL seasons here. Maybe other people do -- -- maybe people are more afraid of us and I am but I just I'm not buying it maybe. You know their pre season game schedules burn off a little bit -- it really think and it felt certain time it'll be interesting to see though with the preparation that they've been able to do which is and you know thwarted -- haven't been able to a lot of people haven't been able to work out with the facilities the coaches there's some new coaches coming and so in particular here and and rhino Holler and an average Taylor written about it -- an interesting point counterpoint. Abouts how it's gonna shake out in the Redskins division. There's. A -- back. Dirt here in Washington everybody else has a pretty established cornerback and to the Redskins still have a question mark at that position so. Lost time is really going to hurt this team here in Washington. Yeah I mean you could say that I think it's gonna affect every team. In the area where there weekend so if you got a new defensive coordinator is Brian points out. Both Philly and Dallas are going to be dealing with that transition you know they're going to be affected on the defensive side of the ball the Redskins obviously without that time to may be groomed -- back to give him that. Extra time in this. Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan system it's so complicated Donovan McNabb who's been in the league forever couldn't handle it you really believe -- back. No I don't believe -- back off. I don't really believe in the Shanahan either from what they've done so I mean I think backe is your. Is your best I I think this team has gotten they're gonna get somebody yeah I can't imagine them you know I give my up. You know I've certainly -- first got to jump on the pilot Mike Shanahan but. This -- intelligent. And this guy knows the league in so if -- if anyone's gonna come out of this -- out ready yet to grab. Any available help with the quarterback position I think it's going to be the Redskins and my -- and they've got the money sport. And they've got the resources and not I think it's pretty clear that can be aggressive once it's in -- with that and real quick. To touch on that at five. I think it's going to be really interesting once the lockout let's what happens with free agency because I think there might be a bit of a free for all which for me that's going to be fun I love mayhem in sports. Get over to the pitch so we've got some USA soccer going on they've got to take on Brazil yeah Brazil looks here's re yeah on the women's World Cup over in Germany now you have result as the best player at best female player in the world knocked -- -- she's just phenomenal for -- you follow soccer you know Matt -- on the men's side for Argentina. She's the -- the women's game I mean just. An absolute lightning fast player with great finishing skills. And at the US -- You know they left something on the table in the group as they need to beat Sweden to top out their group. They end up. You know losing a game to Sweden which if they would have won it would have avoided Brazil I was really you know what you wanted to do. Avoid Brazil in the quarterfinals not I've got to go take on Brazil. It's not a favorable matchup but this is still the United States and this is still one of the top teams in the world. Odds say that there underachieving now not you can't sit at those tournaments over I think you can look at some of the results arguments in the Columbia game off there. I united -- Columbia three nothing didn't finish well now but you know it's tough to finish that's why it's going to go on soccer and such celebration. ID want back up her first goal against Sweden that's big. I you know you want to get your leading score going anything can happen so I think. In a lot of ways we're looking at a game that. Most people thought you know might have been worthy of -- final we're gonna get it in the quarterfinals and you know you gotta if you wanna be the best you gotta be the best that the US has -- work cut out. Once we very fair and it's one last thing that's going on on Saturday you're right DC united. Taking -- -- -- now yeah a big new York red Bulls and it's huge because of the trade that just went down. Picking up -- Dario and getting rid of in. I McCarty -- tax so. Yeah I don't know you seem to be the only one here in DC that's anti this trade. What do you think you could see on Saturday and there was little perspective -- -- I think it's going to be a really emotional in -- all New York Red Bulls have done an amazing job with their arena Red Bull arena it's up their New Jersey and it is the premier venue. I can say this not having gone to to Portland and Seattle which you know it's a bit of a -- a caveat that. It's it's the way -- soccer stadium in this country should be they'll play 25000 really intimate -- -- great setting it's going to be awesome. DC united trades they're young captain essentially Dax McCarty for joined -- Zaria -- guys 33 years old. So it's kind of a move by united saying hey we want to build for the future but we also want to win and compete now. For New York it's a great fit they get a player that's out really complements what they're trying to do offensively with a little bit more defensive strength. And outside to get actually makes New York better and He makes DC better in the short term. There's no guarantees -- are -- will be here in the year two and if he's not then you've lost tax McCartney. Ronnie -- He traded for Dax McCarty. And then viewers are if He ends up leaving and you've got nothing so risky move by the black and -- it could work out. But it should be an awesome game and it's right here on Comcast sports net at 730. On Saturday night a lot of soccer going on on Saturdays I'm very excited and I knew you I'd certainly be here Watson thank you guys are watching Washington Post -- But look I've got ocean. We'll watch him has -- imminent but I'm today but things you guys are watching lunch box live here. At at noon and at present about The Washington Times we will see you on Monday. CSN Washington dot com.



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