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Lobsters-Kastles match highlights and interview-7/7



  1. Leander Paes1:01
  2. Serena Williams0:22, 1:15
  3. Venus Williams0:08
  4. Michelle Obama0:29
  5. First Lady0:29
  6. Wizards0:34
  7. Leicester0:28
  8. Comcast0:19
  9. Seattle2:31
  10. Bobby Reynolds0:47
Thu, 7 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

She -- in Washington dot com. Tennis walking -- trying to start the season three and -- for the second straight year their first two victories Venus Williams was the central figure. Keeping in the family little sister Serena on the court tonight playing for the first time in the US since 2009. The capsules. Hosting the Boston lobsters right here on Comcast forced him before the match -- -- on -- mark kind. Giving Serena Williams for 2009 world team tennis championship -- took a while -- that I guess. Can nail the door but today Leicester is an attendance First Lady Michelle Obama understand their two daughters ultimately it. And newly crowned NBA champion former Wizards -- Butler went from the building Serena playing women's doubles with -- -- of this. And that's serving. Turn in the net caps won one doubles 52 men's singles Bobby Reynolds. Served its -- off the net and over that's allowed a world team tennis Jan Michael gamble. It's an outgrowth. Lucas and I think you drove for the wood five to. -- is a fifteen to five in the mixed doubles and Serena and Leander Paes on the court for Washington thing go back and forth lobsters. That finally Serena at the net then -- got to go at that point best play of the whole night. -- is up 26 foot and a women's singles the fifth and final event. And Serena Williams they -- -- -- -- he's a former NBA start to keep anyway so it's uncle Kiki and these Coco. And this move down the wire we have the need to win this point to avoid overtime she does that capsules hang on walk -- wins it 25 to ten now three and how here's -- Baylor. -- -- but it's still in their Serena when when the going gets tough you still haven't with the need it. Come up with the big shots we sought a match point. You have so it's dead and ten. I'm glad it ended is that we didn't wanted to go to London but it. It's been a long time since you've been in the competitive environment on US soil here how did it feel being out there tonight amongst your Cassel stands. Really did have you played in -- really long time and in the United States so it's it's good to play again generally just -- all right I'm just playing game. And does a good chance in three out there. First match right up to get good. Is that something you wanted just to sort of get in there and and get the match going for yourself. Yeah you know -- says though that sort of way how everyone if they mean we'll definitely work I just happen. He's playing. And now on we're still got three more matches with this team but it looks like it's a tough team that you're that you're on Seattle we ever really gets me that I -- people playing Boris and really just get people they have great hearts that we aloe plant where it. In otherwise in Washington castles and mark I am so it's nice to pleasant for -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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