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Serena Williams on her Kastles' season debut and playing again in the U.S.-7/7



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Thu, 7 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com. Serena Williams closed it out. In tiebreak fashion at the end it was tight but it's still in their Serena when when the going gets tough you still have -- with the need to come up with the big shots we saw a match point. Has it's and I'm glad it ended is that we didn't want it to don't know -- -- It's been a long time since you've been to competitive environment on US soil here how did it feel being out there tonight amongst your -- plants. Really could have played in a really long time. And in the United States it it's good to play -- generally just at all I'd just make it. And done a good chance in three out there. First match right off the get -- Is that something you wanted just to sort of get in there and and get the match going for yourself. Yeah you know everybody says I told -- way however you want to -- me. -- afterward. I was just -- Yet. Playing and now onward you still got three more matches with this team but it looks like it's a tough team that you're that you're on Seattle ever really gets me and I get people playing Boris and really just get people they have great hearts that we outlook plant where it. -- -- watched in Washington castles and mark kind it's nice to let -- horizontal congratulations Serena well done counsels winners. Z -- in Washington dot com.

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