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Serena Williams on returning to the Kastles-7/7



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Thu, 7 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com. And a long time since 2009 and so. I'm happy it's been two lines and obviously it is there's sort of comfort that maybe you know coming back playing with the -- there's a team behind you. That and you know disorder can work your way through with friends sitting on it's dead I mean we've I've -- on this team for a few years He is now and I never went on eighteen minutes Corey and I am happy to be back and I'm playing not your sister Venus went to and well. The first two nights yeah I mean teams undefeated right now Venus that there's a little bit of pressure I'm sure you've got pressure to live up to Venus in the past have let you know he'll be dead of the dead to them. You know hopefully keep the record going wheel scene around. -- I think this is your first look at the new stadium and Iraq what do you think about being on the water it's amazing it's such. A beautiful place and it's great for the city in 2000 and died. You come out here last tour -- -- obviously because of the injury but you've played in front of the world team tennis crowds here in Washington what. What what's your feeling going into this match about how lie how the atmosphere is gonna. I think have made good atmosphere I think we'll just enjoy ourselves and have a lot of time in just over or CSN Washington dot com.

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