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WPL Extra: Will more NBA players go overseas to play ball if the lockout lasts?-7/7



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Thu, 7 Jul 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. -- the Washington Post live. Talk about to Ron Williams NBA star talk about going overseas know maybe just talk for Kobe Bryant. He's a local and other guys for small dot we -- in Kobe Bryant He would heal over that they don't don't leave the sixteenth time in the world chances. To go figure he's probably knows got to know one and maybe yeah. But let's take the black -- about that time for a time you lead -- -- occasionally like there was some risk like I. In another for the players because it didn't you know this is giving them some leverage New -- have some power of Steelers -- look at the NFL guys what what option -- they have they have an option go -- to some high school and aspirin and Toronto football but these NBA guys go over get -- have a -- beautiful life with. Full time twins -- assistance and all kinds of amenities you develop them I think it's very for the player. So and we wondered I don't think the NBA. What really try to block that too hard and I don't think they'll try to take the contract because. They do you wanna get this thing back anyone relationship with a one thing David Stern is stresses that the NBA is a global entity. There you go yet there's we'll see what happens thing to do this story isn't belts that you CSN Washington dot com.

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