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Redskins Nation: Ryan O'Halloran talks week 6 opponent Carolina Panthers- 7/6



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  2. Steve Smith2:05, 2:10, 2:30
  3. Jimmy Clausen2:24
  4. Panthers1:47
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  6. Toronto2:45
  7. rookie quarterback's2:35
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Wed, 6 Jul 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. The opponent for the Redskins October 23 week's except that -- blitzers six game. But it's a couple weeks after their mind by that time Bryant the Redskins would have played. Each of their NFC east opponents so this looks like you or slant things against me here we've learned that that's about the kids what this team but this is an intriguing -- That's an intriguing opponent because they're so back at Carolina's. -- -- Carolina is in complete rebuild mode and he'll industry from the redskins' standpoint is but is -- Cam Newton to the quarterback by this point this season prices of misses six weeks and the -- much camp He gets design if you if you -- right away so. Prevail once you can't get -- Mean in person that's down in Carolina but from the Redskins for the Redskins you have a couple of games and your schedule granted they're not the greatest thing this is one you got what it. Can't really if you talk about a team that he'll be the labor situation during the offseason has put had a severe disadvantage in. You know the owner has been part of the negotiation team so he's been right there but the parents saw Robert Rivera. As we do this pace He is yet to coach today in the NFL so He just keeps waiting to get ready get wrecked and I had to happen. And yet I mean for these new staffs that are totally rearranging deck chairs right now because they've they've they've not only cut after the draft. In my got a -- a couple of guys that one day but if if you're if you're -- new staff this -- is almost like a redshirt year because you're going to be so far behind. And I was talking to a couple players from the Redskins and is that they could not album haven't -- Jim -- defense in camp. Well yeah last year that full offseason so. Feel that the Redskins have to take advantage of these games against new stats. Particular new staff were rude rebuilding the roster and Panthers who goes who's going to be on their team by this point years. Obviously we know Marty hurting from his Redskins days he's definitely has an uphill battle. And yesterday we chuckled at the end of the segment about our our illustrious producer Charlie bridle and he's got the color -- good and everything but. The players to watch you kind of had that a little bit also again as we do it Steve Smith is that -- don't wanna be down there that that he's a marketable property they could get something for Steve Smith. Yeah good and so that's that's we we we harp on it but it but it is true is that once once things doors open for national teams. There's going to be trades -- -- free agents so some of the guys you know this Carolina I think it was scored Cam -- right away let's try to get some for Jimmy Clausen I -- I don't think they're gonna do that. And get the start this is what Claussen. But you know who -- Steve Smith but Carolina's starts with those two running backs and so I think that's how that's a rookie quarterback's best friend is a good run here. We'll see about that now you know the Redskins have the bottom than they play the Eagles -- they go to Carolina the week after that they take a trip to Toronto you're going to be joining us on the trip. I may not going to be trouble I may not make it back but the big question as well we let me. CSN Washington dot com.

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