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Kelli Johnson reports on the start of Roger Clemens' federal perjury trial-7/6



CSN Washington dot com. Accompanied by group of lawyers Roger Clemens and his wife Debbie arrived at US district court at 8:15 AM Wednesday. Judge Reggie Walton will hear clemens' case. Most of this day was spent questioning potential jurors about conflicts of interest or any personal bias they may have against Clemens. The US government for the use of performance enhancing drugs. Now eventually twelve member jury with four additional alternates will decide Clemens his fate He faces six felony counts and serious jail time. The trial is expected the last 46 weeks the prosecution introduced the prospective jurors to a long list of names they'll -- during the trial. Many could be called as witnesses including Barry Bonds Jose Canseco and Andy -- Clemens' lead attorney Rusty Hardin presented his own list among the names it may appear on the half with a defended. Brad Johnson -- Wade Boggs and David Cone. Judge Walton gave the prospective jurors strict instructions on avoiding all the media coverage at the clemens' case. They are to report back here on Tuesday morning with opening statement soon to follow. In Washington DC Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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