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Russ Thaler and Jennifer Williams on Kastles opening night-7/5



  1. Serena Williams2:23
  2. US open2:36
  3. New Jersey1:19
  4. Wimbledon0:51
  5. Venus0:45, 1:35, 1:55
  6. Englewood1:26
  7. Madison1:45
  8. United States2:32
  9. Bobby Reynolds2:51
Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Everybody and I'm currently -- alongside. -- And the first game this season is in the books us before we even talk about the match. It's about this -- -- on the it's fantastic what went. The environment like tonight. It was pretty cool you ever and that and this is a great come when it reminded me of the -- environment from city center. And they just brought it next to the water here which was very cool southwest waterfront. I think for a lot of people a lot of in the first time coming in this part of town and they realize its pretty cool or boats coming up here and -- and the place was packed. And Alex and He had done a beautiful my and the castles sent everyone home happy with a win. Now that. The castles we're happy with the wind but Venus Williams struggled a little bit -- -- we talk about the way she played. Debbie is I don't know how much he's played since losing at Wimbledon in the fourth round. And it showed a little bit and in world team tennis of -- not run on your game right from the first point -- every point every game counts it's gonna show up I thought that she worked your way into it pretty well mixed doubles and playing with Leander -- Certainly helps a guy who is always sort of on. And -- great doubles players of all time. I would've thought that momentum would -- carried over to her singles match against McKay yeah -- and Christina McHale those an up and coming nineteen year old from from my angle would cliffs New Jersey one of those young American guns tonight. And I good glimpses Englewood -- is a little different than where -- -- an -- in the -- environs -- -- good player you know and that's a nice win for. Just to take a set you know it's up to five off of Venus Williams -- -- Desperate I misread a look she's top hundred player in the world think she's in 62 or something like that. The women's doubles surprised me a little bit you -- 21 year old Madison Rangel who's struggling you know just to stores stay afloat in the challenger circuit. And Christina McHale who's playing well but they get Rene Stubbs six majors Venus with a gazillion majors together they run off you know four straight games -- the sweep the thing. And bring it into overtime but that's when the experience I think took over. And finally there -- like you know these kids -- beaten us and that's pretty much what happened in that last game their life and Benito not -- this this is not. Going down like that and that was the end. Right when He went eighteen victory credit castles. Right moving forward how to capsules let you know they're gonna be back here in DC on Thursday Serena Williams isn't on what should we expect to see. Well I think Serena will be similar to Venus in the sense I don't know how much she's played. Since -- and and -- recently in the United States almost two years at this point on Thursday night. If you put US open two years ago and haven't seen her she got hurt last or couldn't play. I think capsules are actually pretty good shape when you consider that -- query was expected coming here for the -- when He goes out injuries up summer. Bobby Reynolds has roll off five straight. -- on the counters are just like triple tennis. He's playing his best tennis of his career. Reynolds was the story and then -- humble and -- -- he's the MVP of the castles on the night. He is so confident in his game right now and the appears so. Comfortable in his own conditioning I think that's really -- -- he's not -- to go all points and yield back it up. And another -- and other point. You right and is concentration is it either because He appears to be in the best shape of his tennis career and it's great to see it's really. CSN Washington dot com.

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