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Russ Thaler talks with Kastles coach Murphy Jensen before season opener-7/5



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Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com joins us from capitol stating that the war rust with the -- as a coach were the Jets a big number I think. Indeed they got opening night for the 2011 logically castles or be opening up this brand new stadium. At the war and trying to replicate the magic of 2009 the championship. Well we're all fired up being that our first match of the 2011 season Venus is in the back room getting ready to go stretch and out serve and bullets. We're ready to go to and -- the castles of wearing castle country and we're gonna win. Venus Williams tonight Serena Williams on Thursday night brand new arena road you know well. New player on the team and a very familiar Bobby Reynolds Leander Paes. And Rene Stubbs you love that court option. You know anytime you put 68 Grand Slam titles someone -- you feel real good about it as a coach and I've got an expression which is if we win it's it's the players and hopefully win it's the coach. And a please let's not talk about losing ever here in Washington DC that does give it I think you're gonna say if you lose it's the players I -- I used to be that. Now it's just when when you know I've been reading a lot of self help books this year win win here in Washington how's how's that working out where it's we're gonna really got a guy John Wooden on the brain. Good it's very nice assortment of success. There are very nice Murphy or not here bottled water. Tonight to get a chance to look around and check out of business -- -- see my vote. -- you park you know the ballpark -- either as both parking and got the four wins cabin cruiser that was -- handled some Trevor city Michigan. It's living the dream has my vote is built on the Christmas tree farm it was the public has -- -- northern Michigan. But the -- after I was raised by wolves. Ladies and gentlemen Murphy Jensen will be here all all month as a matter of fact and that's very true. Only about the makeup of the team chemistry just because they've been together now the court for a few years you're gonna go under grueling road trip really at the end of this week. But how is the chemistry had a little. See it's about taking it one shot one game one day at a time and and what we have a team that really cares about each other we have a team that really cares about the city of DC we've got fans that care about the team -- with the reason these players keep coming back Serena Venus. And our -- is because it's the best world team tennis has to offer as the best tennis leading up to the US open. And die and in that world team tennis co-founder Billy Jean king has said that Washington DC and their short time here has become really an example of what world team tennis Camby we're gonna sell out tonight. Over 2600 people down here and selfless DC council stadium at the war. The obvious on on Thursday that was Serena Williams is here as well that is a unique tennis experts it's like no other tennis that you see around or. Absolutely the format just creates excitement you've got the five sets at Tennessee can actually lose four sets yet win the match because his talent on games won and lost yeah. And -- just get it. Knock on wood that we we will we will let you go hammer Belichick we send -- send him out with with the catch phrase. Because strays for the day. How until they come on for us. And and there you go -- did too lazy don't have a coach watching castles dazzled on Comcast sports that tonight we'll see then we'll see -- Thursday night. Joba nodding by the way and John feisty on the call on the network that should be a lot of point. I hope that there is pumped up as the coaches trust thanks very much appreciate -- a stellar record against -- She is in Washington dot com.

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