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Ivan Carter talks Kastles with Russ Thaler-7/5



  1. Leander Paes2:41
  2. Martina Navratilova3:10
  3. Washington Capitals1:16
  4. Verizon Center2:03
  5. Grand Slam titles2:39
  6. Wimbledon1:04
  7. Venus1:02, 1:03, 1:10
  8. Washington monument0:38
  9. tennis matches3:01
  10. pac bell park0:26
Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

She -- in Washington dot com. Our roster is down their -- shedding some people might remember the castles being downtown last year how -- compare this setting would that one. Well this setting is a lot more picturesque He probably -- it in the shot. That we're taking right now they were right on the southwest waterfront there's literally there's bowl parking. I don't know of any other facility they do you know the -- does. Both right up there may be a pac bell park whatever they call it now Huskies gave -- Francisco in McCovey cove. Well husky stadium is another you're right you're right -- not Seattle can do it -- -- here we are the southwest waterfront. And it's pretty cool I mean you got the Washington monument behind the stadium on one side. And you're looking over it towards the cap on the other it's pretty cold out here. That we rules are probably the wrong word it's hot down here -- -- that. I'd like get down there and seeing these matches kind of a different style than normal tournament tennis what particular match you most excited to see tonight is -- this or is there another when He got there I -- -- or better -- -- to see how Venus is form looks having Venus lost the forefront of Wimbledon sort of Serena go off to the same -- we see Serena on Thursday. It'll be curious to see how much screened is Venus is actually played you've got to come out here in warmup suit right now. Arena Friday nobody is the newest member of the Washington Capitals and she -- -- scares me and she got here right now what looks like hitting with Rene Stubbs all along term member of the team so overnight Stubbs -- -- is here -- the newest member of the -- we'll -- -- come -- to sort -- out here. Doing a kids clinic earlier today so was Venus is here. And that we think ready to go it's just a matter of minutes -- gets out here for the warmup sadly the wanna wanna since -- -- Tonight so be blast a ball all the time while this is in right where that is is there's this is a bars and restaurants right around that area and and get some people might -- if they wanna come out there. The other things they can do I know there's a couple things down there Phil sent. -- this is actually the you know sort of the beginning of a two billion dollar ten your development project in the southwest waterfront there there is stuff. Up an unassailable right down seventh street. You know you take seventh street all the way to the right to Verizon Center from here so the stuff all on the way but the truth is it's kind of a destination at this point right now to come down the waterfront. To be in this beautiful location. Ever does congress say -- the -- -- -- of him here real fast pushes everybody like me I was in DC I love it and that's not their clients beautiful stadium is awesome that. That day ago at. That's off them and it's over guys that look this is this -- political these Arenas of Renee it was gonna retire from tennis decided you know what I'm not done yet and she's still playing and here she is for the cast. This season and has won six Grand Slam titles and it would -- to -- Leander Paes is another guy that I always loved watching him like one of the best doubles players of all time political news. You'll ever meet any makes it look so effortless and He can get fiery as we've seen with the McEnroe match a couple of years ago two loss. I should be a lot of formulas or go -- yeah it. But I've moved forward golly you got John city next few John's gonna be calling world team tennis matches. On Comcast sports are starting Thursday he's a tough ball anyway just thought they'd see it done but now I'm excited I'm looking for. -- had a great play doubles with Martina Navratilova your right as a significant guy and and now McEnroe is going to be in town next week He -- to be a hundred and he'd be entertaining so yeah I'm I'm on the board to see that stayed right down on the water.

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