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Tiger Woods to miss the British Open-7/5



CSN Washington dot com. I told you last week to chat with Tiger Woods there was not any way I saw him playing in the British Open today tiger confirmed that. Woods officially out of the British Open next week. He says doctors advised to him against playing in the British Open playing on the injured left leg He will now miss his fourth major in the last thirteen and via his website. Woods -- as I stated at the PGA national I'm only going to. Come back when I'm 1% ready I do not want to risk further injury that's different for me. But I'm being smarter this time I'm very supportive and want to express my regrets. Two British Open fans -- tigers' future here's bestselling author John Feinstein. I would have been more surprised if He told me this -- is gonna rise in the west tomorrow than tiger was not playing in the British Open it was clear. The guy hasn't played any golf at all since the players championship and today. When He shot 42 and withdrew after nine holes He wasn't getting on a plane to go play golf course He doesn't like -- royal saint George's the question is. When does He come back and -- should He come back. It's my opinion He judge's goal way. Actually spend time -- his children rather than just talking about spending time -- his children. And try to come back fresh next year get off to a new start will only be 36 years old there's plenty of time to still try to break Jack -- record. To come back just to show up and make its sponsors happy would be terrible mistake go home for awhile tiger. Will live without you. CSN Washington dot com.



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