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Sara Fornaciari on the Kastles fan experience-7/5



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Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Every -- season where you look forward to seeing incredible fan experience begins in team tennis as opposed to. Regular tennis matches you have a team to cheer for and they really get behind. The fans really get behind your team and we have the best coach we have Murphy Jensen and He really gets the team. The team and the fans acted so it's going to be a lot of fun. We Begin this new stadium. This new stadium is completely awesome I can't believe it's a gorgeous setting I mean it's bad it's a setting like another bit of water right there. And I think all the fans are gonna have a better experiences here anything can happen. What do you think about the Williams sister a lot of traveling with the capitals schedule but they're coming home early from Wimbledon would you think about the early exit. Well I think the early accident wasn't all that surprising. As good as the Williams sisters are it wouldn't look that good for women's tennis that you could not wait for a year and suddenly get to the Wimbledon finals but I think. They're fighting spirit and then competitiveness of the matches veterans thousands. Now I have a little time to get ready and I know they're gonna come out here fighting and I think -- watching castles and have a great team this year. Are you excited to see the Williams sisters I'm absolutely excited I can't wait to see Venus and I can't wait to see Serena at -- especially Venus she. It's just as dedicated as ever and I think he's gonna come out and it's going to be in the season opener in. It's going to be something that everybody should be here. Z -- in Washington dot com.

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