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Kastles play-by-play Joe B with a season outlook--7/5



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Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I'm looking -- this a lot calling the matches that we cover on Comcast sports net on July 7 July 12 in July 15 those are all events that we. Are producing and we are very much looking forward to it as a network to share the excitement of the -- bring to Washington. And I'll do my darnedest along with John -- seem to bring that to life. And it sure seems like the guys in the court and the gals that matter -- I do their very best to bring the game of tennis more tennis to all the great fans here in the area. And you -- -- mentioned the excitement hanging its new stadium -- -- this new venue it was the first time I've been here in the and we are just about a week or so away from when this all begins and. I'm like let's go now because the -- perfect. I'm sure the players would love to play on a night like tonight. And I'm sure a lot of those nights are ahead in July 4 and I'm amazed when I saw the -- not -- scheduled time they have to do it all in one month. I wanna say it's like 66 matches in the month of July. 75000. Miles these teams have traveled to complete the schedule and do it always been about three weeks so you're gonna have some very energetic people. People on Tucker -- by the in the July. You listed all the traveling the Williams sisters are coming back from Wimbledon are you excited that seemed Venus next Tuesday and Serena next there's -- drama I've done and a number of exhibition matches in the past. I've never say -- I've never know I'm never seen. Serena and Venus. In person on the court I'm very much looking forward to that on a court -- yes Serena and Venus no. And that trust me I'm really looking forward to the game that they bring an angle that they love coming here to Washington performer for the fans here in the DC area. -- was the one thing that you're looking for a team this season really good team tennis. You know tennis gets a rap sometimes to be very buttoned up and stayed situation in I think world team tennis brings a lot of fun a lot of excitement you see a lot of kids in the stands. They are encouraged to. To be a part of the event and I love what the players give back to the to the community afterwards is always autograph sessions it's amazing how tax these folks are from an athletic standpoint. Where they're being pulled and torn and their matches every night but they still have a smile on their face. And handshake for the fans who loved him so much CSN Washington dot com.

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